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  1. Damn good idea. Thanks, I'll give it a try for sure. Again, many thanks. Eric
  2. So, I've "been lucky" for a decade w/CCleaner - never a problem once,. but all of a sudden w.the last two builds...my luck has all gone bad?? It has nothing to do with the last two builds as opposed to the dozens and dozens of previous builds I have had absolutely no problem with?? Yeah, right... Where I might find the correct answer,upon reflection, is looking at the deltas of the last two builds vs the previous ones...
  3. No need. If I log on as a user I don't run CCleaner on, there's no problem. It's definitely software related.
  4. Hi Hazel and Super Fast, Question: has CCleaner been changed whereby now cleaning the registry can cause adverse effects? I've been using the product FOR YEARS, and WIn7 since pre-release,,and only with the last two builds have I been having this problem... Anyway, now I remember why I moved on from coding I'll play around with the regclearner part of the app, and will advise. Thanks! Eric
  5. Hi Hazel, I attaching screen shots of my setup for CCleaner... Yes, I've selected all registry clean options as well. Maybe I should deselect Fonts?.. I tell you, this is a weird one! Eric
  6. Hey folks, Weirdest bug I've ever seen... If I use either of the last two builds of CCleaner (as of July 21) - in their default setting as when app is installed - for ten days two weeks or so, the weirdest thing happens: The right side of mu keyboard goes nuts. For example.of I try and type the letter "u", I'd get the number "9". Or, typing "P", I'd get the "(" sign. etc. I have not tried, nor will I, to create the correlations between typed keys and what actually shows up on the monitor. Only the right side of the keyboard is effected. Typing a "T" gets me a "T", typing an "F" gets me "F", etc. Furthermore, this occurs only within the account who am I currently logged in on's profile - NOT when, for example,I do a "Run as Administrator" - then typing is as normal when I submit my admin logon and password in the popup window, which works fine. Just the currently logged in as profile is affected..... What I do to get around this is I simply create a new user and move my docs and stuff over to that user, and then I am fine - for as long as I don't CClean... I have Windows7 Ultimate 32 bit, and a generic laptop. Anyone else have this happening to them? If so, can you sound in? Thanks! Eric
  7. flaboy I am having a very similar problem - with internet history cache not being cleaned, and the PC in question is X86. Running Chrome, Version 8.0.522.237, Win7 and CCleaner build 3.03.1366.
  8. Yup...same here, but I am running Chrome, Version 8.0.522.237
  9. Blacksun Just figured it out myself, as I had the same problem... I am not sure whether you need to be able to set the "view the operating system files" option in Windows Explorer, but I did it anyway and no harm done. - Go into Windows Explorer (right-click Start button). - Select "Tools","Folder Options", "View"...remove the check in the "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)" checkbox. - Close Explorer - Open Command Prompt as Administrator. One certain way to do that is: Click on the Start Menu, type cmd in the Search Programs and Files box. You'll see CMD.EXE show up in the list. Right click the CMD.EXE which shows up at the top of this list (listed under progams). Chose "Run as Administrator", and type in the Administrator Password. A Command Shell will open up, and you'll see the Command Prompt. - With your mouse, right click the Start button, opening Windows Explorer. Go to-in your case-the c:\$recycle.bin folder and double-click on it. There'll be at least one folder in there that you want to delete. If there is more than one, repeat the following steps: - Right-click the folder(s) you find within c:\$recycle.bin. (It'll be a long name starting with the letter "S" with lots of dashes in it) Chose "Rename". Right-click on the now color-inverted text of the file's name and chose "Copy". - Now with your mouse click on the still open Command Shell-make sure you are at a c:\> prompt-and then type cd c:\$recycle.bin. You'll now see the c:\$recycle.bin> prompt. - Staying at the c:\$recycle.bin> prompt window, type: Del /Q /S and then, using your mouse, click on the top left of the same Command Shell window and select "Edit", then select "Paste", Then hit the Enter key. - Repeat the process for each folder contained in c:\$recycle.bin (if necessary). - Run CCleaner to confirm that it is now able to clean the Recycle bin folder. - Go back and put the check back in the "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)" checkbox within Windows Explorer. - You're done! Regards, Eric
  10. LOL, I am not answering myself here I went back to CCleaner version 1.17.094 and everything is copacetic again... Such is life E
  11. Hey Glenn, Okie dokie. Anyone know if a wildcard can somehow be added "somewhere" (i.e. to the cookies themselves or in IE Tools -> Internet Options ->Privacy ->Edit ) to address this cookie toggling issue?
  12. TGIF Glenn, You are quite correct. The sites that do not retain a "functioning" cookie for the six Sites I login to frequently increment their cookies with a >>> (1).txt <<< suffix placed at the end. What's really weird is that when I go to my Temporary Internet Files Folder ALL the cookies appear normal (NO suffixes at all). It was only when I tried to open the cookies for the Sites that were not retaining logon credentials did an error message appear in IE stating "cannot find the file <username>@webaddress[1].txt" even though when viewing the Temporary Internet Files by eye they did not have the "[1].txt" suffix, just the typcial <username>@webaddress.txt cookie. In other words, they LOOK all normal, it's only when one tries to open the cookies did I find out that they have the [1].txt suffix... What's is REALLY REALLY weird is that if I don't run CCleaner at all, including de-selecting the "clean cookies"option, my logon cookies retain their "integrity", if you will. Running CCleaner regardless of whether I choose to select or not to "clean cookies" makes no difference. Simply running CCleaner brings about the problem we are discussing... Many thanks for your input, Glenn. E
  13. Glenn! Bad news I'm afraid... It worked FOR A WHILE -> maybe about three runs of CCleaner, and now am back where I started... Yes, the cookies show up in the "cookies to keep" list, yes the cookies show up in IE's "Temporary Internet Files" folder, BUT here's where it gets really funky... My six cookies are now no longer recognized by SOME sites, and are by other sites after running CCleaner about three times or so... Cookies are cookies are cookies, and they are handled identically by my PC's browser-none are in "trusted sites" in IE Security Tab for example... GRRRRRRRR So I am going to de-select cookies from my CCleaner list of stuff to clean, and take it from there as my browser is already set up to refuse all cookies except session cookies...
  14. Hey Glenn, Good stuff and you are spot on. Clearing all the cookies first and then re-adding them (new ones) does the trick Thank you Sir!
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