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  1. I'd forgotten all about this post. Thanks for the detailed reply, it's something I'll bare in mind in the future.. What I did in the end was just set it running and just leave it to do it's thing. Turns out everything worked out fine... odd really. Thanks again.
  2. Every time I run CCleaner it's now sticking on 30%, I've left it running for the good side of 30 minutes and it still does nothing. The item in question is located in c:\$recycle.bin I've unhidden all files and folders etc, but for the life of me I can't find the shared bin. If I untick 'Empty Recycle Bin', everything works as per normal. Any ideas what I can do to get CCleaner working as it's supposed to? Nothing has been installed or unstalled recently and no additional drives have been added/removed. CC Version: 2.25.1025 O/S: Windows 7 (Fresh install on new laptop) I
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