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    Mouse problem

    This is a longshot, but possibly worth investigating. Go to the HP web site>support and drivers. Type in your HP desktop model number and see if HP has any USB keyboard/mouse updates for your computer. I know you're running Vista, but, I had this issue (twice) years ago with an HP desktop running XP. The first culprit was a Windows Update that would freeze a USB mouse if it was plugged in after the update was installed. The second time, it was XP's SP2. In both cases, HP did have a fix. HP also has consumer forums -- a wealth of knowledge just like the Piriform forums. Good luck!
  2. Anthonyk747 and pthubbard -- I don't know why you're having issues now. With CCleaner 3.04.1389, I've got all the boxes checked for Google Chrome under CCleaner applications and regardless of what boxes I have checked or unchecked on Google Chrome itself (options>under the hood>content settings), Google Chrome files show up in CCleaner when running analyze and CCleaner is cleaning the files on my Win7 X64 box. I'm sure the developers will take a look at your issues.
  3. Glad I was able to help. Piriform, keep up the good work!
  4. Hello again. I have discovered the reason why the new version of CCleaner 3.03.1366 totally ignores Google Chrome on my W7 X64 computer. In Google Chrome options, under the hood, content settings -- if the box next to "clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser" is checked, CCleaner 3.03.1366 WILL NOT SHOW any Google Chrome files after running analyze and it won't clean the browser. If this box is unchecked, the new version of CCleaner WILL SHOW all Google Chrome files after analyze and the browser will be cleaned. Unfortunately, having the box checked does not clear Google Chrome's history when you close the browser -- CCleaner is needed for that. But, as I discovered on my computer, if the box is checked, CCleaner 3.03.1366 doesn't show any Google Chrome files at all. This behavior does not exist in the previous version of CCleaner. With version 3.02.1343, even if this box is checked, CCleaner will show Google Chrome files and clean the browser. (see attachments I posted earlier in this thread). The work-around for me is to simply leave this option unchecked in Google Chrome, as long as I'm using the new version of CCleaner. I hope this helps those of you who have a similar problem. My sincere thanks to MrT, Alan_B and everyone else. Just one final question -- is this actually a bug in 3.03.1366 since version 3.02.1343 did show Google Chrome files even with this option box checked?
  5. Okay -- per Alan_B's suggestion, I downloaded the portable versions of CCleaner 3.02.1343 (the one which recognizes and cleans Google Chrome) and CCleaner 3.03.1366 (the one which ignores Google Chrome). They are in entirely different locations on my computer. I then did some web surfing with IE8 and Google Chrome. Attachment log1 shows CCleaner 3.02.1343 after running analyze. You can plainly see it recognizes Google Chrome (and it does clean the browser). Attachment log2 shows CCleaner 3.03.1366 after running analyze. It clearly shows NOT A SINGLE Google Chrome file. Everything else is the EXACT same. I sure hope someone can figure this out. log1.txt log2.txt
  6. Alan_B -- thanks for the suggestion. Will do this when I get home from work in 3-4 hours.
  7. MrT -- with CCleaner 3.03.1366, Google Chrome shows up under CCleaner applications and I have all the boxes checked. When you run CCleaner to analyze (before actually running CCleaner to clean), not a single Google Chrome file shows up and when I run CClener to clean, nothing in Google Chrome is cleaned. It's as if Google Chrome isn't on my computer, or, CCleaner is ignoring Google Chrome. If I uninstall this newest version of CCleaner and reinstall the previous one, CCleaner version 3.02.1343 does show Google Chrome files after running analyze and this previous version of CCleaner does clean Google Chrome. I haven't changed any programs in my computer between these two versions of CCleaner. The only change is the addition of some Windows Updates. I appreciate your help. I have no problem staying with CCleaner version 3.02.1343 if that's what I have to do.
  8. MrT -- With my W7 X64 system, Google Chrome is in the proper location: C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default The chrome.exe (no occurances running in task manager-browser is closed) is also in proper location: C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local|Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
  9. MrT -- I will post the location of the profile folder when I get home from work in about 8-9 hours. If it helps, I am using W7.
  10. Did a test over the weekend. Reformatted Win7, put in all windows updates, Google Chrome and new version of CCleaner. Google Chrome shows up under CCleaner applications but no files appear after running analyze and GC is not being cleaned. Uninstalled new CCleaner, put previous version back in, GC is cleaned. This is the same situation as reported last week. I'm out of ideas and will wait for the next version of CCleaner to see if it recognizes Google Chrome on my sytem. AMD Athlon II X2 2.70 GHz Win 7 X64 Home Premium 4GB RAM
  11. ELaimins -- I'd love to find out if this issue is just with some Windows 7 systems. I haven't heard of any issues with the new CCleaner and Vista or XP computers. If the previous CCleaner version worked for you with Google Chrome, as it did for me, you might want to uninstall the new version and reinstall 3.02.1343. I'm hoping the CCleaner developers can reproduce this problem and comme up with a fix.
  12. Guys -- please read the entire thread I started in the CCleaner Discussion section, "New CCleaner ignoring Google Chrome". The more info you can provide just may help the CCleaner experts sort this out.
  13. Okay. New version of CCleaner works perfectly with Opera browser. Google Chrome still shows under applications but files are still not showing up after analyze and they're not being cleaned. I uninstalled CCleaner 3.03.1366 once again and replaced it with version 3.02.1343 and as before, Google Chrome files show up and are cleaned using this previous version. I can't find any programs conflicting with anything and I suspect if it was a Windows 7 x64 issue, there'd be other postings. I'm really stumped so for now, I'm sticking with the new version of CCleaner and I'm dumping Google Chrome. Thanks everyone.
  14. Nergal -- there are no occurances of chrome.exe in task manager, the browser is closed. cookieeater -- no pop up to close Google Chrome. I'm starting to think that perhaps there's some type of conflict with another program but I've got a lot of detective work to try and sort it out. I'm going to conduct a test with the new version of CCleaner and another browser (perhaps Opera). I'll report back in a bit. Thanks for the suggestions.
  15. Hello everyone! I apologize if this should be in the bug reporting section instead of here. System: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium, fully patched AMD Athlon II X2 processor Avast antivirus 5.1.889 IE8 and Google Chrome Issue: I updated CCleaner 3.02.1343 to 3.03.1366. Google Chrome is listed under the CCleaner applications tab and I have all the boxes checked. When I run the new version of CCleaner to analyze files, not a single Google Chrome file shows up and when I run CCleaner to actually clean, no Google Chrome files are deleted, they still appear in the browser. If I uninstall CCleaner 3.03.1366 and reinstall the previous version, Google Chrome files do show up after analyzing and CCleaner does clean them. Can anyone reproduce this or suggest how I go about finding a fix? Thanks
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