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  1. Drag the CCleaner.app to your Applications Folder. Once it is in your Applications Folder, drag the item from that folder to your dock and it will settle there.
  2. It has been released: http://www.piriform.com/blog/2013/10/30/ccleaner-for-mac-update
  3. It has been released: http://www.piriform.com/blog/2013/10/30/ccleaner-for-mac-update
  4. If you had looked one thread back you had found this: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=39340 One of the moderators states that a CCleaner version for Mavericks is in the making.
  5. Mac OS X 10.9 is still in beta, it's not oficially released. There's your problem
  6. Rename it Or copy it and then rename the duplicate
  7. Just a question for the developers, can't you edit the Information block at the top (of the Mac App Store) telling people they should visit piriform.com for the latest version? Or does Apple not allow to update information on rejected apps?
  8. Completely agree with this. The option should just be disabled with a little note there telling people that they can't use this feature because they have an SSD and that it's for their own protection BTW, after a few months, I guess this should've been included already :S
  9. I'm sorry for replying to you guys so late, but I'm just now starting to help Mac users here I have 2 questions: 1) Does this problem still happen? 2) If so, upgrade to the latest OS X (10.8.3) and update to the latest CCleaner version (1.07.133) 3) If it then still happens, please post a list of all the apps you have installed. Perhaps there's an app you both have installed that creates this problem. If it still happens, I'll dig deeper
  10. Haha Yeah, I saw that in CCleaner and Defragller there was a space between Greetings - The whiner
  11. Oh, it works now. I must have done something wrong. I'm sorry.
  12. Go to "Help" -> "About" -> In English, a space between the copyright symbol and the word "Copyright" is forgotten. I allow you to call me whiner - Vincent
  13. Well, it's very simple. In "Options", the "Save all settings to INI file" doesn't create a .INI. In CCleaner it does. Running v1.17 - Vincent
  14. Hello, While gaming, I use the speccy "Summary" tab on my 2nd screen to check the temperatures. Something I'd like to see in Speccy is a clock somewhere. I have 3 possible places where it can be added (check attachment): In the right corner Next to the "Check for Updates..." link. At the bottom of the navigation tab. (Which I find the baddest)
  15. Hello, If (in the latest version, 1.17) you check the "Automatically check for Updates for Speccy" box in the installer, and later go check the "Options" page of Speccy, you will notice that the box there isn't checked. - Vincent
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