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  1. Check your Library Fonts folder for 'CourierNew'. This font is not held in System Fonts so you may have deleted/disabled it. CCleaner needs it to run.
  2. Having the same problem - so I thought I'd hijack this post as it seems to have fizzled out Running OSX 10.6.8 / CCleaner 1.01.106 Basically I've got my list of cookies to delete and my list of cookies to keep but no sign of a button to delete/clean them Kind of suspect i'm missing something obvious it won't be the first time!
  3. CCleaner needs the font 'CourierNew'. MacOS had Courier in the System Fonts but not CourierNew - so it let me disable it. Thanks guys for taking the time out to help - appreciate it!
  4. Sorry - think i may have confused the issue there. I deleted the fonts manually outside of CCleaner. The SnowLeopard installation activated 7,000 fonts on my machine - which ground photoshop to a standstill. So i deactivated them all (not the system fonts) and started reactivating just those that i know i use. After that procedure though CCleaner lost interest in launching and just crashes on start-up.
  5. Similar issues to a post started 1st February but - that issue seems to have been fixed so I'm guessing this might be down to something else. Running OSX 10.6.8 CCleaner: 1.01.106 Installed OSX 10.6.8 Downloaded CCleaner from apples app store - Initially worked fine. Removed a bunch of Fonts (not from system-library-fonts) CCleaner no longer loads - crashes immediately. Does CCleaner require a font i may have removed? Can't think of anything else that I'd done since last using CCleaner successfully. Have uninstalled/reinstalled CCleaner - still crashes immediately.
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