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  1. Well, these things will happen. If you have one application protecting a particular registry key while another one (in this case CCleaner) wants to remove it they're bound to disagree. I would however hesitate to dub that proof of 'incompatibility'. I suggest you temporarily disable Adwatch when you're about to run CCLeaner. Those five secons will hardly constitute a security leak...
  2. As a matter od fact, if you already have CCleaner, Disk Cleanup doesn't provide all too much of an added benefit. To me, these days its main advantage lies the ability to remove all but the most recent Restore Point (on the "More Options" tab)
  3. Please define "not compatible". What are these problems you're experiencing??
  4. You're very welcome, Andavari - my pleasure.
  5. In addition, should DC hang (or take an inordinately long time) scanning "Office Setup Files" (like it usually does here) you can merge the following regfile: It is useful to hang on to your Office Setup Files themselves as while they're there you won't be prompted for the Office Setup CD-ROM while installing updates. Also, as a matter of practice, before merging either Kelly's or my regfile, I do recommend exporting the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches subkey. I really am a firm believer in backing up the original key before deleting parts of it...
  6. Hi Andy. Nice to be here - thanks for the warm welcome. I just installed CCleaner, and I have to say I like it. What especially appeals to me is the fact you can add your own winapp.ini entries. It really makes all the difference! Cheers,
  7. VirusTotal - another excellent online file scanner using multiple AV/AT engines
  8. TonyKlein


    Hi all. New CCleaner user. I was looking through the winapp.ini entries and noticed this: From this I conclude that CC doesn't support wildcards for registry entries. Is that something you envisage adding, so that in such a case one could suffice by entering: Thanks!
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