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  1. Hey ya'll, I am so sorry for not posting back sooner on this topic. I got side tracked on other non-`puter issues and forgot all about this. In fact, I just stumbled across this since I saved it to file. I will try these suggestions you all have posted soon as I try DC again. Again, please accept my apologies for not posting back sooner. I really am not one of those un-grateful type. Frank
  2. Well as a matter of factly it was during compress. I will try the suggestions ya'll all kindly gave. I'm not really all that thrilled with Disk cleanup but would like to keep it at my disposal. Thank you for the input.
  3. Not sure if CC is the culprit here but the last few times I tried to run Disk Cleanup, after CC install on this HP, it hung and maxed out my CPU at 100. Had to end it in Task Manager. Nothing in Event logs. Just thought I would post the question here before I go through the process of elimination. Thanks for any replys
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