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  1. I'm originally from Munich, but now I live in Caernarfon, North Wales UK
  2. Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr! Hope everyone goes easy on the Stollen and Gl?hwein >Steffen>
  3. Angry Kid Ouch my poor ears >Steffen> P.S. The swearing is terrible, so if you're sensitive to swear-words, i wouldn't watch it.
  4. My Top 3 (Old-Skool) Faves are: Manic Miner Bounty Bob Strikes Back Nythyhel I feel a warm nostalgic glow whenever I play any of those again on my simulators >Steffen>
  5. Thank you so much rridgely I was wondering for a long time how I resize the images... >Steffen>
  6. My new desktop (i change it more than i change my socks ): the girl on my desktop is my fiancee Ziischi >Steffen>
  7. Hi Classical music is my absolute passion, so I love it all! Particularly Wagner, Brahms, Richard Strauss, Beethoven, Mahler, Chopin, Handel, Gorecki, Saint-Saens etc etc etc!! At the moment i'm obsessed with the Beethoven Violin Concerto and Brahms 1st Piano Concerto lol >Steffen>
  8. Hi I'm not sure if anybody else on this forum is as 'classical musically' minded as I am but I found this pretty fun to do: 'Which Classical Composer are you?' Quiz I'm Wagner apparently >Steffen>
  9. He was inspirational, he had a true passion and love for wildlife and nature that cannot be rivalled in our lifetimes... Rest im Frieden / Rest in Peace >Steffen>
  10. From what i saw, MySpace mostly consists of attention-whores and emos who feel sorry for themselves who think that living normal, happy lives somehow consistutes having a "tortured life", posting 3rd-rate poems about darkness and "how bitter is the taste of switchblades". And yes, I think that MySpace is evil >Steffen>
  11. Hi Here's mine: ...and yes that is Bj?rk >Steffen>
  12. spa?! / fun! thank you for finding and sharing >steffen>
  13. wow, i don't like the sound of that, i'm not really sure how to react... ...should "uh oh" suffice? >steffen>
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