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  1. This guy should get free Defrag support for life Nailed it, I guess.
  2. The reason is probably pretty trivial: older Defraggler just by chance happens to modify the drive in such a way that the Shadow Volume subsystem doesn't use up too much space for the system restore point. It's a sheer coincidence. Newer Defraggler does the modifications in such a way that Windows uses up significantly more room for the restore points, and removes the old ones much quicker. What you're experiencing is a designed-in "feature" of Windows with unintended consequences. There is nothing, zero, NADA, that can be "fixed" on Defraggler's side. If you don't like it, you can completely
  3. This is with Defraggler v. 2.01.239 (latest at the moment), on a fully updated Windows XP Pro SP 3. No obvious signs of malware (AVG did not report anything, then I switched to Security Essentials and still nothing). The machine otherwise performs fine. When I select Run Once or Run Every Time option from Boot Time Defrag menu, I get a Problem message box with following contents: Defraggler was unable to schedule the Boot Time Defrag. Please make sure you run Defraggler with administrative privileges. After I click OK (the only button), Defraggler crashes. The crash is mos
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