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  1. i see the same problem. the columns in the main window and the health panel are resizable, but the ones in the file list are not - while the defrag is running. win7 x64 sp1
  2. i'm STILL seeing this (see comment #5). i also see a bunch of high CPU comments on the forums, i'm pretty sure this remains the issue. any word on a fix for this?
  3. yes, still seeing it. please try the two commands I gave in post #5 and compare CPU usage...
  4. did this ever get fixed? i'm still seeing very high CPU consistently. I'm wondering if it's still due to all those InterlockedIncrements? it looks like you're iterating over a vector<shared_ptr<>>, very bad... you need to optimize for the common case, not the rare one...
  5. ok, here's a repro. on a large drive with a lot of small, fragmented files, the following uses approximately 0 (zero) CPU: df64.exe e: the following pegs 1 core: df64.exe e: /Large .arj 0 /Large .tar 0 /Large .rar 0 /Large .zip 0 /Large .cab 0 /Large .tar.gz 0 /Large .tgz 0 /Large .arj 0 /Large .lzh 0 /Large .7z 0 /Large .gzip 0 /Large .gz 0 /Large .uue 0 /Large .bz2 0 /Large .img 0 /Large .mig 0 /Large .mp3 0 /Large .wav 0 /Large .aiff 0 /Large .rm 0 /Large .ra 0 /Large .flac 0 /Large .bin 0 /Large .iso 0 /Large .mdf 0 /Large .dmg 0 /Large .vxd 0 /Large .avi 0 /Large .mkv 0 /Large .mpg 0 /Large .mov 0 /Large .mp4 0 /Large .m4v 0 /Large .mpeg 0 /Large .wmv 0 /Large .bup 0 /Large .ifo 0 /Large .vob 0 /Large .msi 0 /Large .msp 0 /Large .msu 0 /Large .wim 0
  6. ok, one thread seems to spend a considerable amount of time looping through the items in the 'file types' dialog. it looks like it's doing this in an extremely inefficient manner: the 'lock xadd' in the following loop is causing the CPU to purge cache & sync in a tight loop. It looks like this is getting called for every file on the disk, for every file type in the types dialog. is that right? it would seem that moving the lock to a higher level would be a good place to start. (defraggler64.exe is loaded at 0x13f510000) 000000013F55C7D0 mov rdx,qword ptr [rbx] 000000013F55C7D3 sub rdx,18h 000000013F55C7D7 or eax,0FFFFFFFFh 000000013F55C7DA lock xadd dword ptr [rdx+10h],eax 000000013F55C7DF add eax,0FFFFFFFFh 000000013F55C7E2 test eax,eax 000000013F55C7E4 jg 000000013F55C7EF 000000013F55C7E6 mov rcx,qword ptr [rdx] 000000013F55C7E9 mov rax,qword ptr [rcx] 000000013F55C7EC call qword ptr [rax+8] 000000013F55C7EF add rbx,10h 000000013F55C7F3 cmp rbx,rsi 000000013F55C7F6 jne 000000013F55C7D0 the other thread that's pegging the CPU is also looping through this list of file types. although it's a different piece of code. but it's also got the dreaded lock in a tight loop: 000000013F63E819 jne 000000013F63E826 000000013F63E81B lea r12,[rdi-18h] 000000013F63E81F lock add dword ptr [rdi-8],1 000000013F63E824 jmp 000000013F63E866
  7. nope, the drive is definitely operating correctly. i ran procmon.exe and it seems that one of defraggler's threads that is pegging the CPU is doing a GET_VOLUME_BITMAP after every file. i think this is related... i'm going to run it under xperf to see if i can get anything more useful. ok, i can't get anything helpful out of xPerf due to lack of symbols, care to share the PDB? but it seems there are two threads which basically take turns pegging the core. almost all of the CPU time is spent inside the defraggler64.exe code, ie. it's not in kernel or other DLLs.
  8. I have a large drive (1.5TB) with lots of small files on it. Defraggler is using a lot of CPU (effectively pegging one core), and it's taking over 1 second to defrag each file. I tried running the profiler on it, but since you guys stripped the symbols (why?), I can't give you anything interesting to go on... It seems to be spending a lot of time in EnterCriticlSection...
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