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  1. Hi Terry, Well, as I don't have that option "turned on" within the settings, it should not impact, so .... Pat
  2. Hi, Sorry for answering late, I was goofing around for awhile. I guess I will have to live with it for the time being. So we can consider the case as closed. Take care. Pat
  3. Hi, I'm back on the track. Even considering your aspect, we have to keep in mind that nothing has fundamentally changed as far as the hard or soft configuration on that box, between the upgrade of the "good" version of the program and these ones. So, I did remove "totally" Defraggler, and reinstalled an older version of it; strangely the problem didn't show up again ! What is your opinion ? Pat-2 Dec 16, 2010 Hello out there : Is that subject running out of interest ? Pat-2
  4. Hello, The old ones, maybe, but the last one ( created prior the defrag process ) should still be there ! Once again, it was just gone ( with the rest on them ) ! Which means no restore possible, if a rebbot is launched and it failed ... So, the best thing to do might be to create a restore point right after the defrag process is completed. Your advice, please. Pat-2
  5. Hi, I'm back on the same subject. Even when excluding "restore points files" from the defrag process, the program does eliminate some of them on a ramdom base ( the last 3 ones were more lucky ).... !!!!! Gee ! What a mess ! Can we expect PIRIFORM to fix this ? Pat-2
  6. Hi, Well, note that with Win XP Pro the problem doesn't exist ! I don't have Vista, so I can't verify; does anyone have experienced the bug with Win 7 - 32 bits ? Pat-2
  7. Hi, Sounds good as an alternative solution for the time being, but what's underneath that behavior ! Pat-2
  8. Hello, What will be the next step now ? Pat-2
  9. Hi, I already tried your suggestion prior to my yesterday post. But the result is the same. In addition to this, I watched the defrag process while reaching its end(99%), and strangly the area containning the restore points files became flicky and blinked when the process arrived at 100%. Right after this, the overall area disapeared ( no more little blue colored squares )!!!! Which means no more restore points. Pat-2 Second shot : I tried to defrag via "selected files to defrag" rather than "full defrag". Result : no lost of restore points. Hope it will help for debugg
  10. Hello, Problem found with the last 1.20 version, and still with the new V 2.00.230 64 bits. Configuration : Win 7 Home 64 bits. After defrag operation on the system disk ( c: ) - 8% of total fragmentation -, I did found out that ALL the restore points were gone ! Including the last one ( the most recent, which is normaly impossible to remove ). It really sounds like bad news. Pat-2
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