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  1. Where is the slim build Piriform ?
  2. Looks great! Only it doesn't install where my previous version was located..
  3. What makes you think I don't have the skills to do something like that? P.s. A "free" firewall is not the solution I think. There are paid ones that are much better than comodo and can handle pretty much everything. Without having to click on "accept" or "block" each time a new program runs..
  4. If you have a good antivirus and firewall you dont have to worry about such things . I think you all are a bit paranoid about the "builtin updater". A website like piriform isnt going to be hacked just out of nowhere and it is not easy.
  5. I wasn't actually refering to filehippo.. Just a tip
  6. Yes, I have disabled UAC too when I installed vista/7. A lot of people recommend leaving it on for "security" reasons but I think this is bullsh*t. There are some serious security holes in uac. The best thing to do is have a good firewall,antivirus etc and disable uac. This way you are secure and not annoyed by UAC prompting.
  7. well, there are some exploits and methods to silently run elevated code in windows with uac on but I dont think this is the place to discuss such things . Try google for some answers
  8. Well, actually there is a way to bypass UAC prompts and to run a program with admin rights...
  9. Google is your friend for an auto updater
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