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  1. In finnish language both "Pause" and "Stop" has text "Pys?yt?" so there is no way to tell difference between those two! Maybe using words "Keskeyt?" or "Paussaa" on "Pause" button? (Sry. Didn't have time/will to register so I used public alias)
  2. This issue has been resolved with the latest version of CCleaner. (3.05)
  3. I have overridden automatic cache management in firefox settings, under options->advanced>-network.. I put it to 250 mb.....now it takes just a few seconds to clear the cache with ccleaner ... otherwise the cache would rise to 1gb after a day of surfing...
  4. I just discovered that clearing the cache from within firefox 4 settings uses the same amount of time as doing it from ccleaner... so it looks like this is not a CCleaner-bug.... I wonder why cleaning up the firefox cache takes so long...didnt have this problem with firefox 3.X, only 4.0.
  5. 1. In menu "Tool" in "Startup" section we can activate\deactivate or delete some startup entrie. 2. When i deactivate some software startup that program is not run in Windows startup. It all ok. 3. But when i uninstall program, in "Startup" section of CC stroke of this program is still exist. I can't say that programs exactly i uninstalled, IMHO it no matters. Maybe you can add in future releases of CC feature that can delete strokes of uninstalled programs? IMHO it a bug. Hafe fun) OS Win XP SP3 x86
  6. well, to reproduce this bug u have to accumulate 800 mb of cache I guess. (around 65 000 files was deleted) and you have to close firefox for ccleaner to clean it and a non-ssd harddrive similar to samsung f3
  7. removing 800 mb of cache from Firefox 4 rc1 took 115 seconds with Ccleaner 3.04.1389 why on earth does it have to be this slow to remove 800 mb of data? cleaning the cache from firefox 3 didnt take this long my computer is a intel i7 920, 6 gig ram, samsung f3 harddrive, windows 7 64 bit
  8. Pretty bad decision of the Piriform team if you ask me. The old way is way better, when it only scanned registry keys you actually don't have assigned to a program (like .DAT or whatever). Now it's giving me 'unused' registry keys even though they are assigned to different programs.
  9. Each time I open, for instance, a program. The '.exe unused registry keys' returns to the problems found during the registry scan. This issue came along with 3.04, no problems with it before that one.
  10. Exactly, why DO we have to wait 2 or more days for the slim version?
  11. All, I played around a bit in order to test all your suggestions. Here are the results: nVidia Control Panel has no setting that can influence the z-order display of a window. Sorry! The installation program created one CCleaner icon on my desktop (and one inside the CCleaner menu in All Programs. Moreover I pinned the icon to the Start Menu). This icon launches C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe. If I double-click it wait the UAC prompt WITHOUT touching anything accept the UAC warning CCleaner starts with its window under all the other windows. No way to change this (b
  12. Alan_B, unfortunately I don?t remember which old version was good. I remember that when we passed from 32 bit to 64 bit the problem was already there. In any case during one of the periodical updates I first uninstalled CCleaner than I installed the new version but nothing changed. More than this, I changed my computer one month ago and so I performed a fresh new installation of CCleaner 64 bit and the very first time it has run the problem appeared. Andavari, I played a lot around shortcuts without any results. I?ll try to investigate if the nVidia device driver has some settin
  13. Since few versions my CCleaner running on a Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit box starts with its window under all the other windows. Technically speaking this means that the z-order of the window is not "topmost" as usual in any program immediately after its launch but it's "bottom". I tried to change the shortcut used to launch CCleaner and run it "Maximized" or "Minimized" instead of "Normal window" just to check if something may change but CCleaner simply ignored this setting. Any help appreciated! Regards.
  14. pepe2

    CCleaner v3.03

    Google Chrome instead of a toolbar counts as in improvement I guess.
  15. This has been brought up on the CCleaner forums before, but does anyone on the CCEnhancer thread know how we can do something about Google Chrome's ridiculous update functionality that leaves behind old unused versions after update(especially painful on Dev)? The changing folder names (named as version numbers) seem to be a stumbling block to a simple custom folder addition.
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