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  1. I just checked & also noticed that I only now have 1 system restore point after allowing Defraggler to defrag free space.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will check out Erunt. I am also not able to manually defrag the system restore files.
  3. Hi I downloaded Defraggler to run on my Windows 7 32bit pc. I have used Defraggler before on my old XP machine, but I had thought that W7 defragged on it's own. I ran quick run last night & a full run this morning. Both times, it left 4 large "System Volume information" files. 2 questions please... Is there a way to defrag the System volume information files, or should I just turn off system restore, run a defrag 7 then turn system restore back on? Does the full defrag also defrag free space? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the new version of Ccleaner, but on the builds page, there no "slim" version - just the crapware version & USB version.
  5. Hi I use an anti-spam email tracking system from Cotse. An email address that I used only to register with this forum has been used to send 2 spam emails to me this morning. Subjects were: Activate Your New Adobe PDF Reader Download New Skype VoIP Addons - More Free Talk It appears that the forum software has been hacked or infiltrated. Regards Nick Return-Path: <cid=678-uid=130315_-mid=105477-lid=41575-eid=10007-did=15809-bid=678-dsid=10-dtypeid=1-resendctr=0--@ymdirect3.com> X-Spam-Level: X-Spam-Status: No, score=0.0 required=5.0 tests=HTML_MESSAGE Received:
  6. Hi I remember some posts a while back which mentioned that Defraggler made Vista fragmentation worse. Has this been sorted out now?
  7. Thanks for your reply. So probably best to stick with XP machines at the moment.
  8. I've been using Defraggler for a while with XP computers. I wondered if it was suitable for Vista as I though Vista defragged itself?
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