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  1. Linksys WRT54G2 V1,240 mhz processor, 8 mb ram, and 2 mb flash, Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall, Internet Policy Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), WEP, Wireless MAC Filtering 128 Bits Online Armor Premium
  2. If you use a Gecko browser, SeaMonkey or Firefox, then the BetterPrivacy extension will control and delete Flash cookies. In K-Meleon the ClearFlash extension does much the same. The old Gecko browser Flock has the BetterPrivacy extension too. Read here about Flash cookies and here and here also.
  3. Please allow me the liberty of posting extensions for the four Gecko browsers I have installed. You will see some important repeats or equivalents chosen from among, e.g. CS Lite, Cookie Safe, Permit Cookies, and Cookie Monster; all of which are good cookie managers. I use Cookie Monster and CS Lite. All save K-Meleon have BetterPrivacy to control and delete flash cookie; these are really potentially dangerous, more than cookies. For K-Meleon I use ClearFlash. Flock can use many, if not most, of Firefox extensions. If you use Flock check the Firefox addon site. SeaMonkey: Adblock Plus
  4. SaintSatinStain


    You can within the CCleaner program itself choose which cookies to clean and which to keep. Most browsers can be configured to accept some and reject others. If you use one of the Gecko browsers, SeaMonkey, Firefox, Flock, or K-Meleon, you can install Cookie Monster, CS Lite, Permit Cookies, Cookie Safe, or some other cookie management extension. I use these aforementioned Gecko browsers and use CS Lite on some and Cookie Monster on others. You find more danger from Flash cookies, why I have the BetterPrivacy extension in SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Flock. I have Clearflash extension in
  5. The only one not associated with SeaMonkey is But that one is about Outlook Express address book.
  6. My default browser is SeaMonkey, but when I click the link in CCleaner to check the version online both SeaMonkey and Internet Explorer 8 open. Why? How can I fix this so that only SeaMonkey opens? I've tried Set Program Access and Defaults.
  7. If your browser is Firefox, Flock, or SeaMonkey you can install the BetterPrivacy extension; it removes all Flash cookie folders including the settings. You can set it to automatically delete them on opening or closing of the browser. You can protect some of them. I protect the Flash cookie that Yahoo uses for the security image at login. Go to Mozilla and check it out if you use a Gecko browser.
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