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  1. Also, if I have my usb device plugged in, I don't get a complete defrag since it is in use on the system. Did you defrag ok before? Even with the device icon?
  2. Ok, but the icon is there because it is detecting it as a removable device, not one perminantly installed.
  3. You brought up a good point and I would like to touch on it. If a USB modem's drivers are not properly or not installed at all, this will constantly come up as found new device. Just thought i'd let you know since I have had to fix this for many people. Take care, Paul
  4. This hardware wizard allows you to SAFELY remove hardware. I have a USB stick and you can acutally damage it by not clicking on that little guy and safely removing it. You can try and choose to always hide it in your toolbar options. Other than that, if you have some removable device, it will remain there. Right click your toolbar\properties\customize....now look in your list below or (may be on top if in use) find the safely remove hardware and clikc on hide when inactive, use the drop down menu and change it to always hide. See if that helps. Paul
  5. I have Zone Alarm and HAD MS anti spyware, never had this problem. Is it possible you have something running or planted on your pc you don't know about? Virus, Spyware? This will sometimes cause registry issues when trying to use any cleaner. What OS you have? What other programs that you installed that may be causing a conflict? Let me know. Paul
  6. I use Vcom Fix it Utilities . Don't even talk to me about Norton because from a tech point of view, you won't like what I have to say. VC has the best anti-virus utility I have ever used. It will detect a virus even when hitting on a website that may have one, not just on your system. The full system scan takes only 10 to 15 minutes depending on your HD size and how many files you have. I have used every type of antivirus and I speak from experience and a technical point of veiw, VC is simply the fastest and best. It also has disk defrag\clean, reg cleaner\defrag\edit\backup\, system snapshot, monitors, anti spyware(which by the way I tested against adaware and it equaled it in finds, plus did the complete scan in 1 minute) it does far more than this, far more than I care to write about. The best thing is, it's only 39.00 and 29.00 for an upgrade, which is about every 3 to 4 years, unlike some which is 40.00 a year. Plus you get minor upgrades in between. updates are fast and VC won't integrate into your system or slow it down at all, unlike others. I have gotten at least 30 people to try it and will not go back to anything else. I have used it nearly 6 years now and went a bit ahead of schedule to get the new 6 pro version although they support 5 still. It's one of those things where if I could pay people to try it , I would. Plain and simple. Oh, did I mention it comes with Recovery Commander? Excellent recovery tool. You would pay an arm and a leg for just that usually. I will say that since I have had VC i have not had a virus since get on my system. 10 when I had Norton, which took it's dear sweet time to detect. To be honest, after years of downloads, running Betas, testing programs, etc...You get a bit bored with it, but fix it won't let me get tired of it. Great program. However, this is my liking and my opinion and I do respect those who use other anti virus programs, especially free ones. It is nice to see something like AVG giving people an oportunity to have antivirus for free who may not have been able to afford it. I always respect GOOD free programs like it. This highly includes CCleaner! Paul
  7. Defragmented files are for example, ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------ the lines represent your files...now, you uninstall some programs -------- ------ ---- ------ ----- ----- -- -------- ------- ------- now you have fragmented files, it's a tad more complicated but you get the picture. now, defragment them ------------------------ ------------------------ it is put back together for better access to the remaining files instead of searching all over. Some files remain in place like your boot files, etc...and will not change. Page file is a virtual memory used by the hard drive. It is a portion set aside to be written to and used as ram when ram resources run out.. say you have 128 mb ram, you run a video and it needs 256 ram, the page file will make up the 128 used by the hard drive as ram in order for you to run the program. Hope this helps. Paul
  8. You may be having other issues with your defragmentation. If you have programs running, spyware etc...or hard drive problems, you will not be able to do a complete defragment. Try running some spyware cleaner and run your checkdisk utility to find errors, then try and defragment. As far as the hardware issue, you should have that little icon on your toolbar down by your clock, you right click it and it gives you the option to safely remove hardware. Hope this helps... Paul
  9. Right click internet explorer\properties\content\autocomplete\uncheck web addresses box. This will no longer save to the address bar. And any entries will be cleaned by Ccleaner. Paul
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