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  1. I have been faithful to AVG for a number of years, but, I have to say that I'm not a big fan of v.8. It frequently fails to update - and takes ages to perform scans - it also makes the system come to a crawl whilst scanning.. I have just converted to Avira (literally just - since Sunday to be precise!) and, up to know, I am suitably impressed. Various websites sing their praises and the detection rate is one of the best - and much better than AVG. I did worry a little when I saw that it didn't have an email scanner but was comforted by various reviews stating that it wasn't strictl
  2. Now for a REALLY stupid question - and, please, don't laugh I access the internet via a wireless (Netgear) router - do I need another firewall - assuming the router acts as one in the first place? Currently I use Zone Alarm Free. This just shows the limit of my computer knowledge!
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