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  1. JG.. I don't know if you figured this out by now, but in MY case, the FF tabs I chose to "save" upon exit, no longer opened due to the following: Go to Cleaner> Applications Tab> Firefox/Mozilla. IF there is a checkmark next to "Sessions", UNcheck it. No doubt, if you had it checked, you will find it was the cause of the problem. Best of luck.. Carol
  2. Davey I updated to FF3 the day it was released. (All my software is updated the "day of release") IE7 has the setting's it has always had. And lastly, I'm not using IE7Pro. So all in all, nothing has changed except CCleaner. So I guess it's "back to the drawing board" and waiting to see if the next version has any surprises for me. Thanks for your input anyway.. CJ
  3. Davey.. Do you still have any interest in the shots? Otherwise, I'm going to "sit tight" and hope the next version cleans as it has the in the past. CJ
  4. Davey.. Only an update. I was offline all of yesterday. I will be getting back to you, with what you requested. CJ
  5. Thanks for your speedy reply, Davey. I would be more than happy to do so. Since I just ran CCleaner, the "after" will most likely be at the end of the day tomorrow or the morning to follow. Is there any additional information you need, besides the fact that I running Windows Home XP SP3? And using IE7 and FF3? Perhaps, I failed to make myself clear. Or.. I misunderstood what you've asked. I no longer have the prior version installed, as I update each version. Nothing seems to have changed with this version, in regard to how "analyzing" appears. The only difference I see, is how much is (not) being cleaned between this version, compared to all prior versions. I have always looked at each item it wants to clean after "analyzing", and prior to running it. It seems to be picking up less. FWIW.. there are no discrepancies (in numbers) between the amount of what it cleans, and the actual number it reports. I'm not sure that makes any sense. If you have any further questions, or requests, please let me know. CJ
  6. I've been using CCleaner daily for at least 3 years. I installed the most recent version the day it was released. My settings are the same, as they've always been. None of my browsing habits have changed. What has changed in addition to the version, is amount of what CCleaner is cleaning. It used to clean an average 20-30 MB's at the end of day, where now it's 9MB's at most. I haven't uninstalled any programs, which might account for the change in numbers. I'm unable to find where anyone else has reported this. I'm a creature of habit. At the end of the day, with both browser's and all applications closed, I run CCleaner. Am I the only one who has experienced this? Am I missing something? <-- With the exception of more files, which need to be cleaned. Any and all input would be appreciated.. TIA.. CJ
  7. MrG Windows XP Home SP2 - Fully patched IE6, FF Anything more necessary? FWIW ..Directly below is something I'm now seeing daily which I don't remember seeing before. (It could have been there. But.. I don't remember seeing it. ) I've always had the 'Delete Index.dat files' option checked off. <-- again, FWIW. Will unchecking the .dat files be of any help? C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\MSHist012008012520080126\index.dat Do these reflect deletion dates? Yesterday's history is now gone. I run CCleaner nightly and it seems to be wiping out any prior history. The above I don't remember seeing before. Despite the fact, I usually look at what CCleaner wants to remove, I now don't remember if the History TEMP files were ever specified, as I see it below. These are the only other present "history releated" items: C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\index.dat C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\History\History.IE5\desktop.ini 113 bytes C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\History\History.IE5\index.dat 16.00KB At the moment, I'm more concerned about what I need to do to retain the history, than I am about "cleaning". Short of "excluding" the history folder, is there anything else I can do in the interim, to retain these specific files, while still being able to make use of CCleaner? TIA
  8. Since I've installed the latest version, CCleaner has cleaned IE's "History", which I need to keep for reference. I've had the exact same setting's, since I first installed CCleaner some years back. Nothing else has changed. Nothing new installed. No other settings have been changed. Is this an issue with v2.0.4.543? Any clue as to why this is happening? I've got IE set to clear "history" every 6 days. I never had a problem prior to this latest install. Any help would be appreciated. TIA. CJ
  9. RogueRemover updated to version 1.08. (1/05/07) Changes: - Fixed exclude list not working on right item. - Tweaked update function in case update file was ever missing. - Fixed minor typos. http://www.malwarebytes.org/rogueremover_history.php
  10. Coppertrail.. Unless I'm totally misunderstanding your post.. McAfee corrected the false positive through an update very shortly after it's release - within a day or two. (I had a problem with McAfee detecting 2 uninstallers, as a result of the f.p., but it's a non-issue at this point) If you'd like clarification, you should be able to find it at McAfee's forum. CJ
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