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  1. What is going on with ccleaner??? No matter how often one disables Firefox Monitoring in the Start Up section, every time one opens Firefox the Monitoring enables itself again. The delete option is not offered in ccleaner...What is going on ?????? Why is cclenaer trying to fool people into believing that they can disable it? This is not just really insulting, it is also a breach of privacy! How do I completely disable this?
  2. Wie so viele selber denkende User bin ich nach der Übernahme durch Avast zu einer alten Version von ccleaner zurück gewecjselt. Ich habe dann selbstverständlich jegliche Einmischung wie monitoring oder gar updates untersagt. WIE IST ES MÖGLICH DASS TROTZ DIESER EINSTELLUNGEN EURE SCHEI**FIRMA MIR EINFACH EIN UPDATE INSTALLIERT ????? Ccleaner war mal ein gutes Tool, wie kann zu si einem unfassbaren Schei** Produkt degenerieren? Aus reiner Habgier! Widerlicher gehts nicht! Schämt ihr dort arbeitenden Hans Wursten euch denn gar nicht?????
  3. These would be the settings I have used for years. CCleaner chenged or ignored them... There will be snow in hell, before I would turn on monitoring! CCleaner did that! THAT is what I want to do something about !!!!! I have reset everything and will see, if the see if those settings will change again...
  4. I want ccleaner neither to watch and protct me,. nor do I want it to update itsself, without me doing it. Is there a way to set it to do what I want?
  5. Everything is OF COURSE updated, I am not an idiot. I asked a question, and you are not answering the question you are trying to figure what I must have done wrong. Once more, a last time, this is teh question: Why does cc offer me a list with the add ons and on the right side three buttons for choices enable, disable und delete, if it does not let users use these? If there is no answer, then lets stop this, but I am sick an tired of people who admit they know no answer to my question, but keep on asking questions... I have benn using cc for many years
  6. I am not an idiot! I use IDM for 5 years and I KNOW the problem, I ASKED A DIFFERENT QUESTION! Can you guys read? Can you be bothered to read the question. This is the fourth or fifth time I am asking a question in this form and NOT ONCE did I get an answer! just forget it....
  7. First of all, IDM Intergration is certainly compatible and it also do not answer the question why it is not accessible...
  8. I use IDM. When I go to tools > startup > firefox there is an IDM integration extension, and it is set to “No” On the right, where there are three buttons: enable, disable and delete, they are all grey and I can not enable this extension. Why does ccleaner deny access, and how do I enable this extension? Thanks
  9. Thanks (to all of you) I will try these... (or already tried these)
  10. Yes, but I know what that one looked like and anyway, it would no longer re-install inself and activate itself everytime I disable it, after it has been removed from the profile.. I guess ?
  11. I did that of course, but they do not turn up there. I can disable them as often as I want, they always return as enabled... So they are something else. Is there a way to research this?
  12. trium... What exactly is that supposed to mean? Are you telling us, you believe these plug ins are from firefox, and that means they are o.k? And you do not even want to know what they install on your computer???? mta Basically I wan to know what they are! And why they cannot be deleted....
  13. Yes it is a firefox plugin, they both are, but NO further explanation is given. I disabled them in the morning and of course it is right back now, after another computer start. This means that I can disable them, even as often as I want to, but as there is NO delete buttom (why?)..... they will re-appear They do NOT show up in tools > add ons I have just updated to 57.0.2. but this had been there before also. As ccleaner is the ONLY place where it truns up, ccleaner ought to be able to tell me what it is, and why I cannot delete it, if indeed itis not needed, rig
  14. In ccleaner > tools > startup > firefox I find regularly Plugins that have no names and no expolanations, and why can they not be removed?
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