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  1. Don't you guys get it? He's already a Yahoo Man. Wait and be patient. I won't be surprised if it is not going to be available. Or perhaps he is playing with the paranoid users. CCleaner is not an indispensable product. It is not the end of the world. Its just a simple cleaning product with bugs.
  2. "As far as removing the uninstallers (%windir%\$NTUninstall* folders) breaking future updates as GreenWhite mentions, this is not the case." Yes indeed. I made a mistake.
  3. Not wise to remove the uninstallers. Unless you absolutely need to which I don't think anyone can go to that stage. There is a possibility you may break any future packs that will come available.
  4. I am just saying it in general that the toolbar is a bad idea. No urge to start a flame, sorry.
  5. How can people still argue about the issue when Softpedia doesn't even want the toolbar. It just shows ignorance that people have sometimes.
  6. Donations help. But then how sure are you there will be no toolbar assuming CCleaner has a fairly high percentage of donors. This is money we are talking about here. Very few complain about having enough or too much. Suffice to say, no minimum limits or requirements. No way to measure the level of human greed. The question is if you are dedicated enough. Has it ever dawned on you that perhaps CCleaner has not only been relying on donations for survival, and that all along someone has already been funding the project?
  7. It could be either open source or having a freeware and an alternate pay version with enhanced features. The donation tab should be retained for extra funds. Not like sneaking the toolbar in. To your question, I would but there should be a freeware version for marketing purposes.
  8. I guess this is just testing the waters by the authors of CrapCleaner. Since everybody is so nice about the program, hey why not put in a Yahoo Toolbar and see what happens. If everything goes well, we may even earn afew extra bucks. Other programs might be bloatware for instance, Adobe Acrobat Reader. But guys, this is a Crap Cleaner program. A program which is suposed to clean crap not ADD it. I think some people are over-estimating the loyalty of its fans or users here. One advise, DON'T play with this thing. Firefox had an experience once with the German version, something with the re-direction to EBAY or something. Correct me if I'm wrong. I still remember how the users react at the time.
  9. I didn't install the toolbar and I don't like the option. The NETBIOS outbound attempt connection I think is more than it seeking for new updates. I uncheck the auto update during the install by the way.
  10. What is this Yahoo Toolbar doing here? I know its optional but still ... I'm very disappointed. And why is that it is always trying to connect to NETBIOS outbound?
  11. GreenWhite


    The problem with cleaning OpenOffice is that you clean some of the settings as well. For example, security and memory configuration.
  12. Glad you like it, Mike. The PRO version will enable you to create and edit rules. Besides that it can also let you disable PAWS. A lot of people are not comfortable with the phone home issue. Anyway that didn't bug me. Prevx1 is a lot lighter on resources and I'm beginning to like it. The only think is that when do install or Windows Update, the pop ups not only require you to allow or block the process, you'll have to include some other details like what you are doing. At times especially Windows Updates, it can be quite irritating. In other words, you have to write something so that they can be sent back for analysis or something.
  13. You can try Netveda Safety.NET 3.61 or CHX-I which are both gathering quite enthusiastic impression at the moment. CHX-I is a bit more for the advanced users I think. I am using Look'n'Stop at the moment but its not free.
  14. I had Prevx Pro but now I'm having the latest Prevx1. The HOME and PRO are for advanced users and these type of programs will only be as effective as the knowledge of the user about his computer. This is required. A lot of people who had downloaded the Home and Pro especially got irritated by the constant bombardment of pop-ups asking for permission even when doing simple things like installing a program, for instance. They also get annoyed with it constantly phoning home. You can block it with the PRO though. HOME, you cannot. Personally I like to know what's working behind the scene at every moment. I find the program very useful. This app will keep you in the driving seat, so to speak. In short, I wouldn't recommend this app for a beginner. For beginners I think Prevx1 is far more suitable. This is a new app in BETA stage and is simpler to use. Oh yes, the pop ups are still there but less intruding. But it is still in its infancy. A lot of things need to be added and improved upon. Then again if you want to look into these kind of products, try Online Armor, ProcessGuard, StarForce Safe'n'Sec.
  15. Do we need flash player? Of course we do. But having the option to disable it under some circumstances is a good thing. Try go to the Thermaltake home site and you'll see what I mean. Wait for the flash to come and watch the cpu fly !!! If you're using Firefox, you can install No Script extension and have total control of your browsing (disable Java, Flash, as well as forbid other plug-ins). If you are afraid of the Flash ActiveX, you can easily disable it through Internet Options. And then use Firefox. Try it out.
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