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  1. Hi guys, I did some testing myself like Eva did and the new version of CCleaner does the job on his own with the "cookies to keep", why it wasn't doing it before on my machine, is a well kept secret by the Big Guy in the sky, or maybe Bill Gates?. Thank you Piriform, you guys done a heck of a job again. Regards, vet1964
  2. Hi Eva, happy to be of some help, so help me God, got lucky when I was troubleshooting the IE8 Cookie problem, the honest truth. Regards, vet1964
  3. Hi bamapete, sorry but you must have "Run Ccleaner when the Computer starts uncheck", and also found out by accident that the best way to have the Compatibility View Settings feature is with all of them checked, it will log you out as soon as you surf away from websites that are not compatible with IE8, found the problem about ten minutes ago. Got rid of the problem by doing what I mentioned above. Let me make it very clear, that I "do not" in any way, shape or form blame CCleaner with the cookies problem we are having, I love the software and had it for a few years. But it is true that as soon as I downloaded IE8, the cookies problem began, and I do believe that the browser is the one causing the minor problem, but I also love IE5,6,7,8 etc.., I am hooked with Ccleaner and IE* for life. Regards, vet1964
  4. Hi Bamapete, think I found the issue with IE8 and Ccleaner or maybe it could be that I am going insane. Try the following: Make sure the cookies you want to keep are all on the Exclude list of Ccleaner Go to: >Tools >Internet Options >Under General tabs go to >Browsing History >Click Delete and when new pane opens> >Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data (first one) >uncheck all of them if you like, it will work either way (I unclick cookies, internet temporary files etc.., history Ccleaner does that) I tried these new settings 3 times and it worked every time, kept all my cookies without unchecking Start Ccleaner or Index.dat files. It has to be that you have a compatability problem, two different softwares (the one in IE8 and Ccleaner) doing the same job. I will let the guys that know, the Piriform guys figure this out. Hope it works for you, Regards, vet1964
  5. Hi Bamapete, looks to me that the new version that came out today v2.19.889 didn't take care of the IE8 cookies bug. I am still kicking it around and trying to look for something new to do, but I believe we have to go back to the one we used before, and wait to see what happens or if somebody comes up with a better idea. Regards, vet1964
  6. Hi bamapete, glad that worked for you also. Like you, I am also a fan of IE8 and CCleaner, you're also right about IE8 being a big improvement over IE7 and also like you, love the InPrivate safe web mode, Web Slices and Accelerator etc.., but what's more surprising to me is "It all Works", can only speak for myself, but haven't had a single problem or should I say "found a bug" in the new browser of MS, take my hat off to the developers at MS, great job and I must also add, it is only one man's opinion. Good luck bamapete, Regards, vet1964
  7. EDIT: Sorry, didn't see your EDIT, I also apologized.
  8. Hi bamapete, I have the identical problem you're having. Had IE7, never had a problem with the cookies and CCleaner, downloaded IE8 and the Cookie problem began, it has been mentioned in this forum already. This is what I did to get a temporary fix: >Open CCleaner and in Internet Explorer uncheck index.dat files >Go to Settings and uncheck Run Cleaner when the Computer Starts These is what took care of my problem, I have Windows Vista Premium>IE8>CCleaner Version 2.18.878. Again, this is a temporary fix, until they come out with the next version. Like you had CCleaner for a few years, these Piriform guys will come out with an update soon, they have never let us down. Hope this works for you, it did for me. Regards, vet1964
  9. I have the same problem you are having with CCleaner and the cookies, same v2.18.878 of CC and have IE8 also. I am sure that they are working on it and other minor issues that we are having, it will be resolve shortly, had it for a few years and they never let us down. Regards, vet1964
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