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  1. Thanks Andavari for the tips. No Task Manager oddities during prob hazlenut, thanks anyway. I'll try that Tweak UI Powertoy. I run Smart Defrag often, but my anti virus is Kaspersky...I posed same question on the Kaspersky board but got no replies. Again, thanks for the reply. Pete
  2. I have no idea if this problem is related to Ccleaner, but throwing it out there. Seems like this slow down of All Programs started somewhat recently, but it could be that I've just now started paying attention since I don't use the All Programs that much. Here's what happens: Computer could have just started up or it could be in the middle of the day, I click Start and hover mouse over All Programs. All Programs list takes about ten full seconds to open, that's slow but the real slowness comes when I hover mouse over individual programs in the list. "Accessories" for example takes almost 30 seconds before finally populating, and every other program I hover mouse over takes a few seconds to open/populate. But once the initial slowness is done with, all subsequent openings of All Programs and individual items such as Accessories open instantly, lightening fast. And then suddenly in the middle of the day it reverts back to the extreme slowness. I have tried the options to fix such as regedit>HKEY Current User>Control Panel>Desktop>MenuShowDelay modified to value 100 from default 400. Also did My Computer>properties>Advanced>Performance/settings>unticked Fade or Slide Menus into view. I'm also thinking that maybe one of the default Ccleaner options is causing Windows to clear out certain data or cache that causes the intermittant sluggishness for the All Programs list. Thank you for any advice.
  3. I did as moderator MrT suggested and downloaded the latest version and it has fixed the IE8 cookie problem. I think some of you are unaware that the version released just two or three days ago has been updated with an even newer version as of today 5/1/09.
  4. Thank you MrT! I knew the problem would be fixed soon, Ccleaner/Piriform is first class in all areas.
  5. vet1964, yea I saw where the new version just out did not fix the problem, so for time being I'm not going to download the update.
  6. All cookies are deleted when you run Ccleaner, except of course the ones you have in the save list. Simply click the "run cleaner" button.
  7. Do as vet1964 suggests and it should fix your problem until Ccleaner patches the bug, hopefully when they release the next version. Open Ccleaner and remove the check mark from "index.dat files," the fifth item from the top. Then go to Options > Settings and uncheck Run Cleaner when the Computer Starts.
  8. vet1964, thank you very much for your tip. I've done that and indeed the problem is solved. I too am a loyal user and fan of Ccleaner and feel confident that this little bug will be fixed soon. BTW, I like IE8 very much...a big improvement over IE7. Its InPrivate safe web browsing mode is super, as are the new funcitons Web Slices and Accelerator.
  9. Last night I downloaded IE8 for my computer that's running XP service pack 3. I have been using Ccleaner religiously the past few years with zero problems while running IE7. Now with IE8 I'm suddenly having a major problem with cookies not being correctly saved with Ccleaner, but it's only at restart or reboot of the computer. Here's what happens in detail and I'll use my homepage of "my yahoo" as the example: The My Yahoo cookies are saved in the "cookies to keep" section of Ccleaner. Before shutting down computer I run Ccleaner. I then immediately check "cookies to keep" section to make sure Ccleaner did not delete the "My Yahoo" and "Yahoo" cookies. Ccleaner correctly and as expected did not delete those cookies the list. So I shut down or restart computer. I then open my "My Yahoo" homepage and all my personalized settings are gone and I am forced to sign in to My Yahoo. Before doing so I check Ccleaner to see if somehow the My Yahoo cookies have somehow disappeared from the "cookies to keep" list. But they are still there as they should be, yet something is not working right because I have to sign in to My Yahoo. But it's not just Yahoo, ALL of my cookies saved in the "cookies to keep" section did not work and save my settings on several other websites. I never had this problem with Ccleaner running on IE7. Any help or advice much appreciated. Thank You. Pete
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