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  1. It would be good, if CCleaner could delete the temporary downloaded DivX Videos ("%User%\Movies\DivX Movies\Temporary Downloaded Files\" or something like this) that are created, when the user view movies with the DivX Web Player. I'm not going to follow this thread, becourse I just wanted to mention that.
  2. I saw suggestion about options to log off and restart after defrag. Can you add ability to run some application after defrag finish?
  3. jperez112233

    bad allocation

    I've got that bad allocation error too, but my drive is ntfs 39GB. The log is a bit large. I've tried chkdsk /f but it cant determine the volume state and it stops. Without deep scan the error is "Unable to read MFT". With Deep scan, it finds 24 files up to 50%, then +13000 files, and at 100% it begins allocating a huge amount of memory till that bad allocation. Recuva_log_1_24_399__18_3_2009_10_3_.txt Recuva_log_1_24_399__18_3_2009_10_3_.txt
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