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    Hello folks. Trying to use Recuva on an external laptop drive. I have scanned the drive for viruses and spyware and have no errors. Also i have checked for drive errors using chkdsk in various ways. When i dry to deepscan the drive recuva starts for about 10 seconds then gives an error " Bad Allocation " I have ran Recuva in debug mode to see what the error file would produce , I have included this in the post as it is very small. Can some of you wizards help me out. Best Regards Error bellow. [2009-02-16 20:10:41] [iNFO ] Recuva v1.23.389[2009-02-16 20:10:41] [iNFO ] System Info: MS Windows XP Professional SP3, Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, 2.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512[2009-02-16 20:10:49] [iNFO ] No update available[2009-02-16 20:11:02] [iNFO ] Boot sector:61iQTVNXSU40LjEAAiAgAAIAAAAA+AAAPwD/AD0mnABicigDiDIAAAAAAAACAAAAAQAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIAAKdURDx0AAAAAAAAAAAAAAEZBVDMyICAgM8mO0bz0e47Bjtm9AHyITgKKVkC0CM0TcwW5//+K8WYPtsZAZg+20YDiP/fihs3A7QZBZg+3yWb34WaJRviDfhYAdTiDfioAdzJmi0YcZoPADLsAgLkBAOgrAOlIA6D6fbR9i/CshMB0Fzz/dAm0DrsHAM0Q6+6g+33r5aD5fevgmM0WzRlmYGY7RvgPgkoAZmoAZlAGU2ZoEAABAIB+AgAPhSAAtEG7qlWKVkDNEw+CHACB+1WqD4UUAPbBAQ+EDQD+RgK0QopWQIv0zROw+WZYZlhmWGZY6ypmM9JmD7dOGGb38f7Cispmi9BmweoQ93YahtaKVkCK6MDkBgrMuAECzRNmYQ+CVP+BwwACZkBJD4Vx/8NOVExEUiAgICAgIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCk5UTERSIGlzIG1pc3Npbmf/DQpEaXNrIGVycm9y/w0KUHJlc3MgYW55IGtleSB0byByZXN0YXJ0DQoAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKy/zAAAVao=[2009-02-16 20:11:02] [iNFO ] Reading FAT at 4000[2009-02-16 20:11:03] [iNFO ] Processing folders from 2[2009-02-16 20:11:09] [ERROR] bad allocation
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