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  1. interesting list thx. hmm stan and ollie
  2. in a way it could be considered to be like "big brother" type of tool..or as you say, "helpful" it remains to be seen in the coming months how the public takes to this new program.
  3. whenever dealing with something as sensitive as viral infections, its best to consult the right type of source. a vista forum iam on allows outside advice..its different here, so be it. better to be safe than sorry.
  4. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29027658/ what are your opinions of googles newest software designed to track down friends via cellphone? i think it is a big privacy issue.
  5. iam thinking of getting this cool eye candy add on..from the site, looks really cool. but iam also concerned with this kind of add on, the CPU usage must be as high as using google earth. what you think?
  6. sometimes during a persons intro, id say "welcome to the forum, bro or sis" and from there, let them choose which format is best
  7. i was victim of multiple virus attacks last july.wasnt pretty. aim always protected by trend and spysweeper and defender..and know how not to trust something like this flyer thingy
  8. was wondering this..i see some folks here dont bother to do that. as a result of this, on most forums i go to, iam ending up apologizing for calling the person bro -not knowing he's a she .. i think its nice that folks take the time to fill out their profile page.. of course it isnt required for you to do so, but i always add my gender, and age. what do others think?
  9. they claim the cake is a lie, but what of muffins?
  10. wow this is a sneaky way to trick the public. so far i havent seen this occur within california.
  11. im in the market for a diskwasher. i have a lot of old files that include some old system data that has cropped up during some recuver scans..and also wish to wipe away the old files saved and tagged as "recovery" files from recuva. some dating back to august 2008. must be freeware. i have win vista 32 bit.
  12. ive seen some muffins with odd ingrediants like cous-cous, dried fish flakes and even pimentos and garlic. my fave is the orange peel and coriander muffins with side of french vanilla ice cream
  13. i would think so. ever watch "man vs food" or "diners, drives and dives" on food network? a gluttinous amount of greasy, sweet and salty goodness like fries, chili dogs, pastrami sanwiches etc. but darn it, we cant avoid em..they taste so good. if wondering what that is, its glazed donuts a'la cheeseburger style as well as this, a pastrami and roast beef brisket sandwich
  14. i do same thing, i stop by local cafe and sip some coffee, perferbaly french roast, and munch on pumpkin spice or carrot cake muffins boudin bakery
  15. filehippi is fast i downloaded google earth in 2 seconds.
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