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  1. It's caused by the Yahoo! Toolbar and tons of people know this. It's a pity that the developer of CCleaner knows that this is the cause but passes the blame onto another products installer. Studies have shown that anything with Yahoo! Toolbar shows up as riskware with multiple antivirus scanners. So why is the developer of CCleaner not addressing the issue that it is with CCleaners Yahoo! Toolbar and not with the installer? I would suspect greed and the desire for a fatter wallet. The time to boycott this software is now!
  2. agreed! if it has to function with the progress bar indicating only the sub processes of the cleaning, at least put some text on a statusbar telling the user exactly what it's exactly doing. ie: deleting c:/hello_world/hello.txt [1024kb] pass 2/7
  3. BopperBugger


    The catch is that annoying Yahoo! Toolbar that tries to sneak onto your computer.
  4. Would be a great feature if CCleaner have the same index.dat delete of Unlocker. http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/
  5. Me and others are asking for a portable version, that would do what you wish and more, like run from a USB drive or CDR media. Would be great for technical support, maybe someone have any info on this version being released.
  6. It could be run from a CDR media? That would be very useful to a help desk support technician. Thanks for all help provided here and for a excellent software!
  7. Any news on a portable version? That would also be very useful to a help desk support technician. Thanks for all help provided here and for a excellent software!
  8. Nothing to worry about. Some web pages contain an IFrame that should be filled by JavaScript. An IFrame with no content yet has URL "about:blank".
  9. I wove for Sygate personal firewall (http://smb.sygate.com/products/spf_standard.htm) because I had some troubles with ZoneAlarm. First the ZoneAlarm problem. I had it in my winXP for about a year or so. My XP is a totally legally one, come with the computer (home version, Finnish language ed?tion, I know, it's ugly ) and it got funny symptom: files could not be transferred from XP to another, because computers in the same LAN just did not show in the local area network. The problem was not directly ZoneAlarm related (because it remained even when I killed all the ZoneAlarm processes, hence leaving the machine without firewall) but still, when I uninstalled the ZoneAlarm the network neighbourhood started functioning normally! And for a bonus my computer's boot up time shortened -- or should I say recovered back to normal. I predict there was some fishy in the combination of the network stacks of the winXP home edition + ZoneAlarm's automatic update. Something kept accumulating to the stacks and those got bloated. I have heard that XP professional + ZoneAlarm combination works perfectly, I do not know. Then I switched to Sygate. I have to say that it is as easy to use as ZoneAlarm, but it eats less process power, has better log files and a fancy "backtrace" property that allows you to find out who is doing that port scan attack at you. I have now installed Sygate to my old win98 as well and it's working nicely -- the version 5.5 is, I have to say. There actually was some trouble with 5.6 in win98 but it was more a cosmetic one. Everything is said to be fixed in version 5.7. Or so they say. I do not know if there really is a free lunch in this world.
  10. If you have microsoft OS and your HD has damaged sectors, use "ScanDisk" or "chkdsk" (depending) and run the default defrag program afterwards. You can use these from a boot floppy or CD, so these are a kind of low level tools. You don't need OS on the HD for these to work. If you really want to have some empty space in the beginning of your HD (fex. for another operating system's boot sector) then you have to repartition your hard drive. The basic fips (http://www.igd.fhg.de/~aschaefe/fips/) is a very low level tool for repartitioning. And very crude. PartitionMagic (http://www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/) is much more user friendlier and it can do some very nice tricks. It's the recommended solution. Now repartitioning is very dangerous business, so be careful, and take those backups first! Have fun.
  11. There is a way to use Win98's own defrag succesfully without constantly restarting. It's like this: 1. Open the defrag program but do not start the defrag process yet... 2. Remove the network cable from your computer. 3. Press ctrl-alt-del and end all processes except Explorer and the Defrag program. And I mean everything, virus scanners, firewalls, even Systray! 4. Wait a while until everyhing settles down. (Some "program cannot be closed" boxes are prone to pop up...) 5. Run defrag. 6. Press ctrl-alt-del again and choose reboot. 7. And remember to put the network cable back in place! Now that's easy and fun.
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