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  1. Yes, you can use Windows Task Scheduler and the commandline parameters to schedule a QF, but I don't understand the resistance to adding the option to the DF settings/schedule feature. Why not just do it?
  2. The user defined map colors are not saved in v2.05. Version 2.02 apparently works correctly. See discussion topic "Map Colors".
  3. I am sorry about the double post. Unfortunately we have been waiting since May 5 (including a version update) for a response to this simple bug report and I got antsy.
  4. Hey folks. The non-sticky custom map colors problem has not been fixed in v2.05.315. What's up? What am I missing? [Windows 7pro 32-bit]
  5. Hey folks. The non-sticky custom map colors problem has not been fixed in v2.05.315. What's up? What am I missing? [Windows 7pro 32-bit]
  6. Same problem with 32-bit version with settings saved to ini file.
  7. Is there a listing of all the command-line switches for Defraggler? I am hoping there is a switch for Quick Defrag so I can schedule (through Windows Scheduler) a Quick Defrag as opposed to the hard-wired full Defrag in Defraggler. Other swithchs for the other defragging tasks would also be helpful so a "suite" of actions can be scheduled at various intervals. Thanks. Jeff
  8. OPPS, how embarrassing!! -- Sorry. I was thinking defraggler, but my fingers were typing CCleaner.
  9. Please consider adding Quick Defrag (and all the other applicable CCleaner options) to the lone Scheduled option of Defrag. Better yet publish/create command line codes so users can generate their own multiple Windows Schedule(s) for a variety of CCleaner tasks.
  10. Maybe I misspoke about the directory. I was hoping for something like what Eraser 5.85 does -- that is to overwrite the filename with ZZZZZs and change the path to C:\?\. Seems like a good idea to me.
  11. How about wiping/erasing the directory so the filename, directory and path don't show up in the scan at least for nonMTF files?
  12. Thanks burtman--no need to be sorry! However this spotlights a very large hole in the Secure Delete feature for IE users. I hope the developers will add this to the FAQs and any where else they discuss the Secure Delete feature or IE's index.dat files. Is there a workaround that will securely delete or obsecure the old index.dat files?
  13. It is a very important question don't you think? Let us all hope someone knows...
  14. Does Secure Delete work for the Index files that are only deleted upon reboot?
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