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  1. I prefer NOD32 if you want to pay for a good anti-virus. The new NOD32 Security Suite is outstanding. Plus it does not use very much resource. If you want to use a free anti-virus, I would go with AVG.
  2. Widkidone

    Thunderbird 2

    You can just install the newest verison over the older version. Its really that simple. I have had no problems with being installed over
  3. Widkidone


    NOD32 is a great Anti-Virus. It uses less resource, and does a better job than Norton. Also Kaspersky is like $69 for a single year, but NOD32 is $58-$59 for two years. I am a Anti-Norton person.....LOL. Anything is better than Norton in my opinion. Also AVG is not going to have a free version anymore.....they are ending the free version this month. Avast is one of the best free versions out there.
  4. Comodo Personal Firewall Final was release yesterday.
  5. You should try Comodo Personal Firewall. I like it....yesterday they updated the version.
  6. Has anyone heard of this? Here is the website How would this be compare to CCleaner?
  7. Thanks Mr.G Keep up the great work. I wish this would come standard wtih the OS. But that is wishful thinking, lol.
  8. Its out!!! Here: http://www.klitetools.com/comments.php?catid=50&shownews=295
  9. Great job as usual Mr G!!!!!
  10. I ma so looking forward to this... can the registered people get an early taste of 1.23 heehee.
  11. But since that this only deals with FireFox, i do not think that Mr G can really say say too much. I do not know! But if they would change way Foxie Cleaner looks i do not think too many people would have a huge issue about it. But it frustrates me that not just this program that many people out there cannot come up with something original. But this Foxie Cleaner does look so close to earlier version of Crap cleaner.
  12. The site is back up!!
  13. Link: http://www.getfoxie.com/feature/privacycleaner/ This looks like so much like my Crap Cleaner Nevermind they shut down the site, lmao. But check this out http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...#entry586436533
  14. Thanks for clearing that up for us Twisty
  15. i know when and when not to post things.......... i only post these like this at my Widbits!!! Here http://www.laggaming.com/index.php?option=...id=13&Itemid=50 So is that version at neowin the final version?
  16. at www.neowin http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=343277&st=0 There is a release of this already????
  17. How soon will this be release... please make after tuesday....... because i have a meeting to attend to and i want to be on here for the launching of this new version
  18. I CANNOT STAND IT ANYMORE!!!! Release it!!!!!! Or i am going to go crazy!!!!!
  19. How soon... i want them!!!! LMAO
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