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  1. Thank you both. Sounds like it would be all right to uninstall them since it has been a couple weeks since last updates and have had no problems, so gonna do it!
  2. I have never checked the Hotfix Uninstallers box before but did and Wow, I just analyzed it and had 483 MB I could clean. I didn't clean iit because I want to make sure it is all right to do so. I know someone will tell me if it is safe to clean these. I know there are tons of them in my Windows, and would be great if it were safe to clean. Windows XP S2 Thanks as I know someone will answer.......
  3. Thanks, it worked for her.
  4. Thanks a bunch! I knew about the tray notification in CC but didn't want to go through the hassle., this worked great. Is there a way to do this with Vista? I am using XP S2, but my friend has been trying to find a way to do it with her Vista Home.
  5. Is there some way I can clean out the Past Items in the Taskbar using CCleaner? I know the way to clean it through the registry but I am hoping there is someway I can add it to my cleaning with CCleaner. Pease, hopefully if not now in a future version?
  6. Thanks. I did as you said and that is how it is set, so it has to be something else. Am trying to work with AVG but not getting a lot of help. They keep telling me it is something else, so we shall see. Thanks again!
  7. Has anyone else had a problem with AVG AS and having to re-install after re-booting? I run CCleaner every night before I shut down and most every morning I have to re-install AVG. I cleared the AVG box in CC. AVG doesn't seem to be able to help me so far, so I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem. The error message says" Connection to service failed. Please re-install AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5.
  8. I don't have that option under Settings. There are only 4 options Run Cc when computer starts Add Run CC cleaner to Recycle context menu Add Open CC opiton to Recycle bin context menu Automatically check for updates. Am I not looking in the right place? Because I would like my prefetch deleted also.
  9. thanks....I think I will just stay away from all of those Advanced settings for now...I appreciate the help.
  10. Gotcha...OK. When it says I need to restart the explorer.exe process, do I do that through Task Maanger and type in explorer.exe?
  11. I checked my Advance button and I don't have any of the choices you answered about. I have: Only delete files in temp files older than 48 hours. Hide wanring messages Close program after cleaning show promt to back up registry issues show detailed log of Internet Explorer Temp files Where are the choices to check tray notification cache, etc....?
  12. [ Thanks, guys...I knew I had never heard of it, but it sounded scary! Keep up the good work.
  13. Right now I have Norton Anti Virus and my subscription runs out in a couple months, so will try the Microsoft one. I also have McAfee Firewall free through Comcast, but when I check my security with the McAfee firewall, it says I need anti abuse and I don't know exactly what the heck they mean. thanks...
  14. My McAfee firewall says I need anti abuse software, but I downloaded the free (with Comcast) McAfee security program and found it too dificult to understand. Is there a free anti abuse program out there that is secure but not so hard to understand? I was having to put in passwords, etc. with the McAfee and it is only me on my computer. anyone?
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