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    Hi, I am looking to clean up the cache files with CCleaner, it is not evident, i can see it removes temperary files, but not the cache files. Any advises... Or do i use tools systems and clean the C: Regards, Jean from montreal
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply, but on my CCleaner, which one should I used in the advanced settings and how ofter should i clean in that advanced setting. ===================================== IIS Log Files IIS (Internet Information Server) is the service Windows uses to display web pages. This comes with most XP Pro and Windows 2000 installations and is generally only used by web developers or designers. Every time someone requests a page it gets logged to a text file. Unless the computer is a web server, these are generally not needed, and may be safely deleted. This option will s
  3. Hi, I am using to Ccleaning, but i have not click on the advanced option up to now. Do you recommend I click and use some of the advanced options, and which one do you recommend to use as I clean up. And without usind the advanced option do u clean up cache files on my computer. Regards and thanks Jean of Montreal
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