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  1. I am with you on this, sort of. I think it's a good idea to be promoted by a well-known company. Personally I would rather see Google added, not Yahoo (I personally believe Yahoo is inferior to Google in every way, shape, and form, IMHO.) If you are honestly worried about it, I recommend you select "Other Builds" and from there, use the "Slim" package, which does NOT come bundled with the tool bar. It's also a smaller download, FWIW. I use the slim build, as well as the portable (for use on a USB thumb drive), again my own preference.) This program is great, and by far it is not comparable to any other spyware/malware/crapware/bsware you can find elsewhere on the net. Simply read your options before you choose what you plan to install! Piriform supplies you with as many options as anybody would ever need!
  2. First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Piriform team for doing an outstanding job at supplying end-users with another free utility! I especially love CCleaner, it's now a standard tool that I use with every fresh install, or system tune-up that I perform. I'm a computer technician by trade, and I'm self employed. I try to cut the time down as much as possible for the customer's benefit, and these programs are absolutely awesome for this purpose. And best yet, it's free. And it's not about making money, so much as it is making the customer happy. With these tools, it greatly helps. While I haven't had a chance to try Recuva, I have had plenty of experience with CCleaner & now, Defraggler. I'm a guy stuck in my ways, and I have always used Windows Defrag as the starting point for any system tune up, and if I don't feel that it does a good enough job, I will install a trial version of Diskeeper with the option of allowing the customer to buy a license for their own use indefinitely. I love both programs (considering they are both strangely alike, if you read the details). Now, I have been able to use Defraggler, and allow the customer to keep the program for free. I have also recommended CCleaner & Defraggler to all of my friends, and now almost all of them are hooked. I don't see them buying software from somebody else, unless they are using it on a workstation. Now I know I've gone overboard with the suggestion thread, so I'll cut to the chase. While I love the way Defraggler works, both on memory usage as well as performance, I would definitely recommend a few additions to the program. It is in a beta, I understand that - that is why I'm mentioning these things! I want to see this program grow in popularity! 1.) The ability to change priority to background (low) to Normal, is a great idea. Keep it! 2.) Defraggler is missing one thing, a shut-down tick-box (as previously mentioned). This is nice for those that shut their PC down at night but would like to set it on defrag mode while they sleep. Even a log-off/lock workstation option would be nice! 3.) Multiple-Volume simultaneous defragging. Nobody likes to wait to go to the next drive! 4.) Include/Exclude Files & Folders setting. Would like to keep some files from ever moving with this program (System files, for instance.) 5.) The ability to schedule defragmentations (not via scheduled tasks, but within the program) 6.) The ability to select certain files, and re-arrange them on the drive the way you want them. .:.:.a.) For example, move the entire Windows folder to the front (edge) of the drive for faster boot times. .:.:.b.) The ability to move certain files (Again, the %WINDIR%) all together for quicker boot time. .:.:.c.) The ability to move rarely used files to the center of the drive (archival method) 7.) A screen-saver mode would be absolutely fantastic! 8.) Allow an end user to modify the characteristics of the program. For example, allow him or her to create a "macro" (for lack of a better word), to defragment free-space first (maybe even twice), then defrag the drive, then defragment free-space again, thus making one, fully defragged, contiguous block of data, and one contiguous block of free-space. 9.) More detail in the disc display area. Less blocks, perhaps use a system variant such as the way Diskeeper displays bars instead of blocks? 10.) I would also like to see this, since it is not shown in any other program I know of... the ability to click on a "block" (say a red, fragmented block) and view exactly what file it is. Now I don't believe that it'd be easy to do this, but could a program physically move the paging file to the extreme outter edge of the drive (or in one contiguous block, before the data) for better performance? I'm not sure exactly how NTFS would like you moving it's beloved paging file, but it would be a neat option. In the past, I have always removed the paging files from all drives, booted up, and ran multiple defragmentations, and when I was satisfied, I would add the new paging file back up so it would be contiguous and not fragment other files in the process of creation. This also clears the paging file as well, so one can start over fresh! That would be all, honestly I'm tired of typing! My entire break has gone down the tubes. Hopefully some of the above suggestions will be heeded for the next future release of Defraggler! And once again, thank you for these awesome products! A free program, that's actually USEFUL!
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