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  1. Ok woody theres no reason to call be stupid or maybe ur just trying to build up your numbers of post idk dude i dont think your cool but like i was sayin most people that are not good with compters and are looking for a cleaning program they dont want toolbars! and its checked my default it should not be checked is what im sayin! but u guys think im stupid then whatever im just sayin! SORRY! PS: Can someone please tell me why its even on there. google toolbar is better atleast!
  2. Well its already checked during installation most people dont know about it and they get stuff with it 'it' means somethin that slows down your browser idk its just a though people wanna clean there computers not put junk on there.
  3. Yea i personally think it should go because most people think this is spyware and such when it installs toolbars so u might wanna consider it!
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