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  1. Thanks for responding, but I'm still puzzled - what information about the drive is that mix of colours giving me? `Empty + Not fragmented' is hard to interpret.
  2. Just a small question, please - what does the light blue colour in the drive map mean? It isn't explained in the legend, or anywhere else as far as I can see.
  3. I agree that the GUI is looking decent again - I didn't much like the changes in RC1. My main niggle now is that the disk-space pie chart is unnecessary - I don't need this program to give me that information. If there is going to be a chart, one showing percentage fragmentation would be more helpful, please.
  4. I'm not in favour of any moves which would take Defraggler in the direction of being a PerfectDisk or DiskKeeper clone - strategic file placement, offline defrag, real-time defrag and so on. The beauty of Defraggler is that it is a small, resource-light program that performs a specific function superbly well - homing in on just the fragmented files. In my view, once the GUI has been more or less perfected, little further development will be needed.
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