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  1. Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511, OS Build 10586.713 This happened about 16 December. My last update was 13 Dec, KB3206632 (OS Build 14393576). Bob <><
  2. When I booted up my Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) machine, I got a prompt on my main screen that CCleaner had an update and I needed to download it and install. So, I downloaded it, and when I started the installation all went well. After a few moments it restarted my computer (not unusual), but when it booted, all four of my display panels were fouled up. I have a 15" panel in portrait mode reserved for icons -- but they started popping up all over the place. One of my main screens was blank, and the power/status LED indicated that it was no longer powered. My main screen had some sort of crazy video resolution. I use Stardoc's Fences to manage my icons, and it was gone. I figured that the drivers were wiped out for my two video cards, so I went through the process of downloading the latest from nVidia. After they installed, I rebooted and all was right. But it cost me 30 minutes. Is this normal? Have others had their video drivers messed up by CCleaner?
  3. This confirms what I've heard elsewhere: defragging a SSD will not improve performance. However, I've also heard that since defragging will move all the date together, and since SSD will support only a finite number of read/write operations, defragging SSD could conceivably reduce the life of the circuits. So, unless proven otherwise, my Netbook (with two 16GB SSD's) will remain fragmented!
  4. Has the apparent lack of RAID support been fixed in Defraggler? I don't even want to try the product until I can be assured that it will not fry my disk subsystem. Both my "C" and "D" drives are pairs of RAID-1 drives.
  5. I am surprised ... I thought that 99% of these applications used the same Microsoft API's. And because of that, I though that most would have similar performance characteristics ... sad!
  6. websquad


    I only found one reference to RAID drives on the forum. May I assume that the defraggler defrags with success RAID-1 drives? Thanks !!
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