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  1. Well I've solved my personal problem. I found out that the files where part of some NTFS journal, and thats why Defraggler couldn't move them. If anyone has the same problem, click on one of the weird files, and check whether they are in C:\$Extend\$UsnJrnl. If they are, you can safely remove those files using this command: fsutil usn deletejournal /D driveletter (found the command here: http://www.mydefrag.com/forum/index.php?topic=495.0 ) Now I've managed to make a second partition. It would be nice if Defraggler could remove them on command, or if it could just move them. But my problem is solved, so I don't really care anymore
  2. Well I've tried that exact function after using 'defrag freespace' in Defraggler, and Auslogics Disk Defrag did almost nothing. Defrag freespace and consolidate are pretty much the same. They're both rubbish imo: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=25010. I need this exact thing too, and I need it as soon as possible. I don't care which program does it, soon I won't need to defrag anymore Ext4 pwns NTFS So whether its open-source, closed-source, trial version, shareware, freeware. I don't care, as long as its free (including torrents). I need it only once, I'll keep on using Defraggler anyway if I really need it.
  3. Imagine you would want to create two partitions on your harddrive, but not being able to because none of the defraggers you've tried managed to make one chunk of free space! Even Defrag freespace didn't do the job quite good enough. There were several files left in the whitespace. It kinda looks like this now: * = data + = freespace ************************ ************************ *****=========*===== ======*==========*= =*========*======== This won't allow me to make an partition for Linux. I hate NTFS, Ext4 doesn't need defragging! But heck, it gives you guys a job Please add this soon, or anyone give me a free defragger that does this job. (I've tried OODefrag 12 Pro (trial) but that one just made my drive more fragmented, and I tried Auslogics defragger, which is not very different from Defraggler. I would like to have some comments about this. Has anyone had this problem before?
  4. Hmm, never looked at it that way. You're absolutely right I guess, so that makes this feature a bit useless Ah well, at least I won't need to spend time defragging my flash drive, so thats solved, thank you! By the way, it might work on nearly full hard disks, but there are less of those I guess...
  5. That was exactly what I didn't want to do. What if you've got a USB drive of 16 GB nearly full? You wouldn't want to copy and paste that manually! It just saves a lot of time this way, thats what I wanted to make clear...
  6. First off all, Defraggler is cool! I just love CCleaner and Defraggler! (Didn't try the other 1, but that one looks great either) I've got a USB flash drive (2GB), and its nearly full. There are many big files (over 30 MB) which are fragmented, and can't be defragmented because there's not enough free space. My idea was, that defraggler would 'cut and paste' those files to the hard disk so there'll be more space to defragment. Defraggler will then try to defragment the other files and make defragmented free space for the files that are on the hard disk. Then the files are changed back to the flash drive by defraggler. With this function, it will save me a lot off time doing it manually. I once cut all the files, and pasted them on the hard disk, then cut and paste them back. It has the same result, but its much slower. Of course there's the option to just cut and paste the files to the harddisk yourself, and then transfer them back when free space is defragmented. Problem with that, is that free space isn't always defragmented good enough. This system allows defraggler to know how much space must be available for the files. I just wrote this while defragging my flash drive with the newest release (1.03.093) and I noticed a lot off improvement (I used 1.01 or something before). I must tell that I am amazed, it defragmented my flash drive completely while there's 2% of free space! (Although it took a little long) The new version is great, but this little option will improve the next release I hope Edit: The subtitle should be changed to 'Copy files from USB to HDD too defrag faster' Forgot to change it... Greetings, Jarige
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