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  1. Greetings, I just defragged my drive and the analysis says that there are 0 Fragmented Files and 0 Total Fragments. But there are light blue boxes all over the place following the nice neat rows of dark blue boxes. When I hover the mouse over these boxes the little popup says "No files are in the block." So, if there are no files in the blocks why are all those light blue boxes appearing all over the screen? Thanks for any help on this.
  2. This is why two heads are always better than one. I failed to mention that the XP machine I did this on had 1 Gb of memory. Sorry about that. Edit: Actually, the virtual memory window says that the minimum page file size "allowed" (short of totally eliminating it) is 2 MB.
  3. I just ran into the same problem on a friend's computer. First off, Mark's program (for the first time in my experience with it) did not make the page file contiguous despite the fact that there appeared to be more than enough free space before and after the larger portion of the page file to allow that to happen. I tried several times and the darn page file remained in two segments. So, (in Windows XP) I went to the Virtual Memory configuration window and changed the setting to no virtual memory. I then rebooted the machine and went back and reset the virtual memory setting to the value I
  4. Tammy, If you open a command window and type chkdsk /? you will see all the options for running the program. I suggest you you do this to actually run it: Type chkdsk /f /v /r and hit Enter. After you have read what it says type y and then Enter to show that you want it to check the disk upon reboot. Then type Exit to close the window and then reboot your machine. You will see the process taking place after the machine reboots. Come back if you need more help. By the way, your machine should run much better after you do this. luckyarthur
  5. This is a follow-up to two earlier postings. In summary, I have run Defraggler on about eight different machines (some of which I did while at the machines and some of which I did while accessing the machines from a remote location) and it has run just fine in every case. On a ninth machine belonging to a friend I have also tried running Defraggler remotely and found that the program gets hung up on the following seven files, and cannot defrag them. I tried transferring these files to my own machine to see if I would have the same problem and, to my suprise, not one of these files would
  6. No, IE 7 does not reload cookies that you've deleted. What is happening is that you have IE7 set to accept cookies, and when you go to various websites the sites put the cookies back on your machine. You can set IE7 not to accept cookies but keep in mind that if you go to a site that isn't working right it may be because the site wants to put a cookie on your machine, and you're blocking that from happening. Some sites alert you to this, while other sites just don't work right. In such cases you can reset your cookie preferences if you want the site to work, or you can make a general excep
  7. We'll have to agree to disagree on the speed of the hard drive in safe mode. What I overlooked the first time was when you wrote "to avoid defragging with tons of tiny temp files." Why do you have tons of temp files? What are you saving them for? If you're afraid to delete them outrigtht, move them to a different folder for about a week and if everything still runs okay then get rid of them. I routinely delete my temporary files and find that my machine runs much better as a result. I also run Defraggler in a few minutes, not in hours. A friend's machine kept hanging up until I di
  8. That was your big mistake. In safe mode the hard drive transfers data at a snail's pace. Run it again in regular mode and see what happens. Others will have to deal with your other questions.
  9. Greetings, I'm running version on an XP Home machine. There is one file, C:\Windows\I386\SAM.SP_, for example, that shows 5 fragments and also shows that it defragged to 100%, but the arrow keeps going around in circles and the 5 never changes to a 1. Eventually, I have to stop the process. I have run the program in debug mode and the log file is shown below. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Mitch in Yonkers, NY [2008-05-17] [18:29:12.218] 00fd0 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#615 C:\Program Files\Defraggler\Defraggler.exe [2008-05-17] [18:29:12.218]
  10. Greetings, I have been using Defraggler for several months, absolutely love it, and have recommended it to many friends and family. I've personally run on at least eight machines and it ran flawlessly on ever one, until now. I am trying to run it on a friend's machine and it never goes above 0% or 1% if I try to defrag all the files. If I do just one or a few files at time it will work. But when there are over 1,000 files to defrag it's clearly not possible to do just a few at a time. I just ran the latest attempt in debug mode. It hung at 0% so I first paused it and then stopped it.
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