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  1. Hi.. It is asking to closes windows explorer..
  2. Hi, ccleaner asks to close windows explorer to clear mru files, but isn't that like shutting my operating system off? nothing bad has happened when i've allowed it, but i don't know if i should continue to allow it. I appreciate any input on this, to know if it is safe for me to close windows explorer when ccleaner asks. thanks..
  3. Hi, I downloaded free ccleaner from this site and virus total shows there is a win32/bundled toolbar google d in this download and says is potentially unsafe on virustotal. I don't want anything downloaded with ccleaner. Is this a false positive, or is it bundled with ccleaner? Thanks.
  4. Hi there! I've been using CCleaner a long time and Firefox a long time as well. It's my default browser. I don't use Internet Explorer at all. I was wondering why CCleaner shows IE files cleaned, almost every time I run ccleaner. I run CCleaner many times a day. I've always wanted to come here and ask about this but never did get to it till now. Thanks for your help and thanks for CCleaner!
  5. ETA: ah, i've got ver 203.532.. just noticed is new one out..
  6. Hi, When I run CCleaner, it removes lots of cookies. And I am guessing when I open ie7 that ie7 must reload them in, though I've no idea. If I run CCleaner two times back to back, of course the 2nd time comes up clean. So the cleaner is doing the job, but the cookies are there when i run it later. I don't know what custom things mean. I don't think I have anything custom. But am not sure what CCleaner is referring to (herein the forums) when speaking of custom. Does that mean like if i create a folder or such? But my main question is how do I keep cookies gone. it's the same ones over and over and not the ones I've said keep. Thanks for your help. Casey
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