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  1. Here is what I did when doing the debug test. 1. Click Analyze 2. Select all via check box 3. Defrag Button on right hand side. Ps I think this happens if I just click "Defrag Drive" via the menu.
  2. I would like the ability to hide certain drives from Defraggler. The reason why is because I have 4 removable drives (the ones for SD cards and such) which are never used and have a capacity of 0.00GB (this because nothing is put into the slots ever) and really do not need to shown.
  3. When I defrag my main drive (the one with my OS on in this case Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium). The status at the end always says "Defrag Failed", I have located the problem to be with any fragments in the System Volume Information folder. Can you please, get Defraggler to remove fragments from this folder successfully or at least hide any fragments from that folder so that the Status does not always come up with "Defrag Failed". I found this error when using version 1.01.073 but I did noticed it in earlier version as well. Ps Great Program but I guess everybody know that by now. Keep up the good work! defraggler.exe._1_1_73__2008_05_16_10_36_.1.txt defraggler.exe._1_1_73__2008_05_16_10_36_.1.txt
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