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    ..I do find it rather interesting if a system gets so badly infected it typically isn't the traditional anti-virus or anti-malware software that everyone knows and has installed that's used to remove it, usually it's some specialized tool.

    Meaning...that all this infections come about right through the protection... and once infected some other tool does the catching and cleaning job...that I know also from my personal experience..exactly what brought me to that question I asked...gain and lose are not clear here....

  2. Hi,

    It is a long time question that I`m having, and up until now it remained puzzling:

    We use an antivirus or anti malware software hoping to keep our pc safe, and secured, now the question:

    The antivirus has unlimited privileges that no other installed software has, isn`t that in itself a huge security breach?? somewhat like letting the cat watch the milk? m` I being paranoid or, or having realistic logic grounds for doubt? and if yes, what are the alternatives?

  3. So far, I don`t feel Panda`s presence ...very low on resources [didn`t try the deep scan yet] and the disk space it takes is about a one third of roboscan`s space, nevertheless, I would expect it to have even less, since it does not have to collect daily signatures like a regular AV.

  4. Ok, a little change: since I have two operating sys I have it installed twice but still under the main OS it still got 1.95Gigs.

    Hi Hazelnut I`m using everything search engine, that shows hidden files as well.

    The most heavy: rsrtsrv.rse.dmp, and plugin folder.

  5. Hi

    I have roboscan internet security installed in my system, and I found out that all its folders takes 2.93 Gigs disk space!  It does not make any sense to me, does it to you? Does any of you uses this program and can check its disk space please?


  6. Newer ain't always faster (or better in every field). The results might vary depending of your setup; if AHCI is enabled, which SATA-ports are used, is AHCI drivers installed etc. Both drives seems to be 7200RPM and SATA2?

    Also you could close all unnecessary processes and temporarily disable antivirus real-time protection (or use safemode) for better results.

    • 4K – random tiny operations one at a time.
    • 4K QD32 – random tiny operations, but many done at a time.

    The newer driver shows 7200rpm the older does not show any in SIW diagnostic prog, the old is SATA2 the new SATA 3

  7. Still can`t understand why 4k write and 4k QD 32 write are better in the older HD when in MHO and logically it should have been the other way around, and what should I do with that info?

  8. Hi

    About a month ago I added a new HD [please see specs in the attachment] and the OS is in the older HD [please see specs in the attachment], If I move the OS to the newer HD will I have read/write differences?

    Thanks ;)



  9. You are correct, that is how the free version works.

    The Pro version has the ability to observe and record details of an installation so that it can not only mop up residues that removal left behind,

    but in addition it knows any totally unrelated registry keys and folders that are only known to the original installer.


    I suspect that Pro Revo will understand that when product Y from Company X is removed,

    then Registry Key / Folder "X\Y" is good to go

    but "X" must be preserved whilst product Z from Company Y remains installed.

    This I could never understand, what happens while in the time you installed a program and recorded that installation you also installed some other programs that you did not record and then you want to uninstall the recorded installation, will it uninstall the new comers as well since it did not have any records of these? will it revert some other unrecorded changes made to the registry? Zsoft has that function and I`m afraid to use that function, I asked them the same question and never got an answer from them, I gues that getting the program for free does not include questions and answers :)

  10. I actually use ZSoft uninstaller that in MHO does a better job than Revo, but I thought I`d ask as I use ccleaner regulary and have never used the built in uninstaller.

    It depends on what you are uninstalling.


    A programs own installer (which is what ccleaner will trigger) should cleanup after itself. I always use a programs own uninstaller first as some softwares (such as security based ones) will try to protect themselves against 3rd party uninstallers such as revo, because as far as they are concerned they may be malware trying to kill them so they can get inside a users machine.


    Then you can end up with a botched uninstall.


    My take on this is always use a programs own uninstaller first.

    Zsoft uninstaller makes a use of the targeted program uninstaller first and only after that it will clean registry remains, I `m not sure about Revo procedures, if I`m not mistaken it will do the same.

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