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  1. In earlier posts it's been pointed out that most of the suggestions asked in this forum can be done with the use of the df.exe However df.exe lacks seriously the functionality of the Defraggler.exe for example there should be a switch for "files only defragmentation" as opposed to full defragmentation - space defrag etc Can you please add further switches to the df.exe so that it can replicate most of the functionality of the Defraggler.exe ??? thanks
  2. ok this looks much better it is obvious that most people do not like the new tabbed look Perhaps a compromise would be to have the default focus on the file tab instead of on the drive tab (or perhaps to keep the focus on the last used tab) . In this case it looks pretty much to the earlier versions we are accustomed to like so much. thanks for the quick fix anyway
  3. I too like the old interface. I felt unconfortalbly with the tabs. lost in some cases. thm is absolutely right on this If you insist in keeping the new look can i suggest to have the defrag/analyze/stop controls on both tabs in exaclty the same position so that we can avoid right clicking Please 1. keep it simple (the previous interface prety much accomplished that) 2. take note of peoples' suggestions -> one click sequential defragging is the most asked feature (mine is a screensaver-defragger, but probably not many users need or want this feature) I hope defraggler will be improved in ways that iwill keep it small, simple and useful.
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    First of all it is a very nice program. I've used it since day 1. One cool feature i find in other defragging tools is the screensaver mode. Take O&O or jkdefrag for instance. I think that it would be relatively easy to transfer the code to run as a screensaver + it makes the tool even more useful for people who need an unnattended defrag when their computer is idle but do not want a permanently running process. ANyway the tool is great as it is. uhm
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