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  1. oli


    turned out that clicking the button in IE that resets everything fixed it, strange.
  2. oli


    yeah it is.
  3. oli


    yeah i check the wireless config service, called something different in vista. had been stopped so obviously another program is taking control. looked in the taskbar and there was something there and i dont think its working properly. so i went to msconfig to look for it but couldnt see it. It wont be the dns servers as the laptop is set to get them auto and another laptop connects to the router fine. Im going to post a hijack this log see if there is anything wrong.
  4. oli


    I have a toshiba laptop that wont connect to the wireless. It says it is connected to local and internet but it when IE, msn etc is used it wont work. I have tried scanning for crap but couldnt find anything. there is another toshiba laptop in the house which is connecting to the wireless and a desktop with a wired conenction to the router so i doubt its the router. Any ideas?
  5. yeah i tried that, the only thing that i found worked was reinstalling the cd drive.
  6. When I insert a cd/dvd into my disc drive windows explorer will not recognise it, will just think its a blank disc. Also autorun will not do anything at all, i have tried googling about autorun and tried a few suggestions like with the registry and stuff but no luck. If i try to look at the cd in windows media player for example, it can see and use it. Anyone have any suggestions to fix this?
  7. tools - options - alerts and sounds
  8. It seems by them fixing the country selection cheat that I no longer have to watch adverts, damn!
  9. I did download farcry, you get static ads on the menus and a 10 second advert each load it does. There are already patches about that remove the adds.
  10. it says its supported by in game advertising, surely for a free game you could put up with seeing a few adverts starting the game. I am going to try farcry. edit - Don't try them if you don't live in the US Edit - Apparently if you make an ubisoft account and just select the United States as your home country it works, also don't download off fileplanet. I am downloading from gamershell. No wait and i am downloading nearly at max speed
  11. http://www.friedbeef.com/2007/05/24/how-to...rt-video-files/ found it reccommended on there
  12. have any of you tried handbrake? http://handbrake.m0k.org/
  13. Had a quick look in the freeware section and couldn't find one, is there one?
  14. oli

    CCleaner and Vista

    yes, mine does. When you first set up an account you are a admin, didnt have to do anything special.
  15. yeah some of the services that vista has are just not in xp or are named something else. For example the index service is now called windows search. On my xp computer I was running around 26 services aswell, and the new xp computer has 34. I guess that seeing that this is a laptop it has more, it has procceses running for all the extra things on the keyboard like displaying how much battery is left in the middle of the screen, possibly the most pointless thing in the world.
  16. not when several procceses are repeated. 53 is ridiculous. my comp is using 400 mb of ram doing nothing.
  17. thats only a few of them, ati as well. i have 53 procceses which is ridiculous.
  18. A picture is worth a thousand words. lots of duplicated procceses like avg, ati stuff, task manager etc. This is on my new vista laptop
  19. oli

    Hard Drive Caddy

    My computer was recently nakered and I need to get the data off the drive. I am claiming on insurance so I will be getting a new computer, probably with vista. The hard drive at the moment has got xp and is a three and a half inch ide drive, i think. about 6 years old so not SATA. I was just wondering the best way to get the data off it, music etc. I tried to put it in my windows 2000 computer and it asked me to format it before I could do anything with it, would this be the same with vista or possibly another xp computer? Obviously I considered a hard drive caddy, would this work?
  20. i had one of those crappy Phillips gogear as well. proper s**thouse
  21. oli

    Windows media player

    nope its not that, i had a look and thats off by default i think this has something to do with wmp trying to find information about songs but then cant so cries about it. or trying to find me recommendations which i suppose makes sense i found that if i turned I.E security settings to really high then it doesnt do it. as it does let that sib site through. temporary but i dont even use I.E so it doesnt really matter
  22. everytime I click on an artist I get this stupid script error. any ideas of how to get rid of it.
  23. oli

    1mb FPS?

    pretty good for 96k
  24. try turning off the wireless connection
  25. oli


    myspace is good, the millions of people that use it everyday will tell you that. a whole idea thought and made by one person. you say that some of the spaces are crap, well frankly some are, but some people do make some really nice spaces. dont knock mypsace if havent at least tried it. its a great way of keeping in touch with people.
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