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  1. Won't that still mean that Minecraft will utilize the 32-bit installation rather than the 64-bit installation? The reason I want it to use the 64-bit installation is because there is a message in the options area ingame that says a 64-bit installation is recommended for a Far render distance, stating that I have a 32-bit installation rather than a 64-bit.

  2. UPDATE: Problem has been fixed.


    I've been trying to play Minecraft today after I installed 64-bit Java (haven't played Minecraft for a while, nor have I had Java for a while, only installing it for Minecraft), and when I try to run Minecraft, I am getting this error:




    I've gone into Google and have looked up this error, and one "solution" I've found is this one, located here: http://www.neoseeker...19-64-bit-java/


    For Windows Vista/7:

    Click Start and right click 'Computer'

    Choose 'Properties' from the menu

    Click 'Advanced' or 'Advanced system settings'


    ii) Click on Environment Variables.


    iii) Under System Variables, scroll down, find 'Path' or 'PATH', and click on it.


    iv) Click the Edit button and then scroll to the front of the edit window, and paste this:


    C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin;


    v) Click OK->OK->OK


    If using JRE7 then replace 'jre6' with 'jre7'


    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to have done much for me at all, maybe I'm doing something wrong, not sure. If anyone has any ideas for this, that would be great.


    Another thing that I have tried doing is adding a system variable like so:



    But that doesn't seem to have done anything either.

  3. I typically skin the websites I visit in black (you may note that winapp2.com itself is black by default).

    I need to do this with my website as well, the white background really burns the eyes.


    By the way Winapp, not sure if this is just a tiny mistake, but on the Guide page of the Winapp website, on Step 2, you have it as with quotations rather than without quotations?

  4. I'm planning on switching back to Fedora from Ubuntu, since I'm having several annoying issues with Ubuntu 11.10 (most notably: my download speeds are abysmal, and Unity randomly crashes on me). However, I have a music collection that is entirely in FLAC and takes up a few gigabytes; more than 5. Anyone have any idea of an online place where I can temporarily back up the music to? The reason I'm asking this is because I lost my flash drive and I don't have an external hard drive. :S

  5. Saw both of the trailers today, and I'm extremely interested. Two of my favorite directors, Peter Jackson and Christopher Nolan, both creating amazing movies that are coming out next year. The Hobbit trailer looks amazing, and since I'm a die-hard Tolkien fan, can't wait for it. Same with the Dark Knight Rises, also looks great. Anyone else feeling the same?

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