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  1. It's not meant to be a gaming powerhouse or anything, I heard them discussing it on the radio and they were talking about it making computing accessible for people in third world countries. It runs all basic computing needs, word processing etc, that's all it's supposed to do. Anyone who wants more advanced functionality isn't gonna be buying a $25 computer in the first place.

    True, true, but I thought Word these days was actually pretty RAM intensive, certainly needing more than 256 mbs. Certain web browsers (*cough*Firefox*cough*) use >= half the amount of RAM the Pi comes with. Then again, there is probably some super optimized word processor that can work with the Pi.

  2. Looks neat. Still needs work, but seems like each generation has better driver support, cleaner/better graphics, & updates to work a little easier.


    Love to see it by version 25 or so...



    Version 25... If you go by Ubuntu's release cycle that's in around another 12.5 years! :wacko:

  3. I gave up downloading it Ice it was so slow.


    I wanted to try the full version, but I may just have another go downloading tomorrow.


    If that distro is similar to others, then once you've disabled the bottom bar you should then be able to move the top one to the bottom which is what I always did with either Puppy or Ubuntu (can't remember which or it may have been both).

    Yep, when you disable the bottom bar it seems to automatically combine with the top bar. However, that makes the top bar look pretty ugly. Try a secondary download link at the bottom, I gave up trying to download from the main links as well. The secondary ones were faster for me.

  4. What's the point of spending even the little amount of money required to buy the Raspberry Pi if it can't run anything in the modern age? It's a nice concept, but needs to be more powerful in order to be able to run things somewhat decently. But then again, I guess you could use it in the fashion as mentioned by Hazel.

  5. Tried Mint 12 and disliked it quite a bit. Their Gnome-Shell extensions are pretty nice, but I don't get why they had to leave 2 bars. It would've been better if they were combined into one bar, and made it look Mint-like because both of the bars have the same function and the top bar is the more useful of the two. You can accomplish this by disabling the bottom bar extension, but when it combines with the top bar, it looks absolutely terrible.


    Another point: They also need to update the version of Faenza that they are using. Some of the icons are out-dated and have been replaced by the newer versions.


    However, Gnome-Shell really is quite nice. And if you're really looking for a pure Gnome-Shell experience, make sure to try out Fedora. Fedora 16 is actually quite nice, been using it now with Ubuntu 11.10. Can't decide which is better; Gnome-Shell or Unity. :D


    @Dennis: You can download the CD version, the size of that is only around 700 mbs.

  6. Seen this today, Linux Mint 12 has made duckduck the default search engine



    Yep, using Linux Mint 12 as I write this. Having used Fedora, Ubuntu, and openSUSE so far, Linux Mint isn't that great. In fact, I'm finding the default interface to be quite ugly, so I'll probably just install Ubuntu again. But DuckDuckGo is a pretty nice search engine.

  7. Running opensuse 11.4.


    Chrome 15.0.874.121: site appears to display correctly as author intended. Contact form displays correctly.


    FF 8.0: Updates sidebar displays incorrectly on left-bottom, as noted by other posters. Contact form displays correctly.


    Cantarell font is displayed correctly in both browsers.

    Great input, thank you.

  8. I was gonna send you something rude via your contact form but it won't work for my Opera either. Same version as hazel.


    Is that contact form working in a "Lightbox" environment, for want of a better (or correct) way to describe it?


    We had problems on here with the forum "Lightbox" to view images, so if it is, maybe try (if it's possible) disabling the Lightbox.

    Actually, I think that might be the case. I'll probably ditch that Contact Form and go for another one, just as soon as I find one.

  9. Another update: I've added some compatibility settings for the flexible box model, and I'm hoping that it works correctly now in Opera and Firefox (it's always worked correctly in Chrome). If anyone can give me a screenshot of my website using the latest version of Opera or Firefox, that would be great, since I will be able to see whether those settings worked or not.

  10. Another quick update. I've changed all of the fonts in the site to use Google Web fonts. Now you guys should all be able to view the beautiful Ubuntu font I intended for everyone to view the site in.


    If anyone can tell me that you can see the Ubuntu font instead of the Trebuchet MS font, that would be awesome.

  11. This topic was here yesterday, but due to the forum crash, it was deleted. As a result, I'm posting it again today.



    If a pair of bills on Capitol Hill, called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP, pass, you could be fined and thrown in jail for streaming (i.e., "performing") your video game speed runs or game play. Just as people post cute pictures and videos of themselves, their pets and their kids singing and dancing to copyrighted works, gamers of all ages routinely post pics and stream video of themselves during game play. All of these things have, for the most part, been considered "fair use" under the law. Tens of thousands of videos currently available online featuring game play from popular games like Call of Duty, Halo, Starcraft and others could be made illegal under these laws.


    Read more about the SOPA bill and why you need to help try and stop it:

    Want more information? Take a look at this infographic:

    Even more information? Watch this video:


    Do not let this bill pass! Speak out and fight back:

    This will affect everyone who loves to use the Internet. Do not let the fools in Congress take away the freedom that is contained within the Internet! Sign the petitions, pass the word, call your local congressmen, and do whatever you can to stop this bill!

  12. but but but applications aren't jumplists. That's talking about having 1000+ documents opened in the past and remembered by a single application; which would require pinning over 993 documents at the least. At that point there'd be 0 reason for the pinning, it's unimaginably unmanageable.

    That would be the epitome of multitasking. Alt-tab, alt-tab, alt-tab, alt-tab. :blink:

  13. It works in Chrome 17

    Yep, Chrome works for sure, since they always have the fastest support for the latest technologies.


    Anyways, I did some more updating:

    1. Centered the social icons on the home page.
    2. Revamped the Contact page. There is no longer an ugly contact form; there is now only one smooth Contact button that pops up a contact form. It also fits in better with the site.

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