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    I don't believe this man's story.
  2. You're so utterly naive, I don't know where to begin. These border rights will never come back. Things will get more and more strict from now on. Those in power (either party) cannot help it. Information is power. Hope you're encrypting your email and using a double-hop proxy?
  3. So find a way like index.dat files... to delete the cache upon reboot if that's needed. Not addressing the issue is a terrible privacy oversight.
  4. Rest assured Vista/Windows 7 *do* cache thumbnails. The thumbnails cache has been centralized. See here: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/73720-thumbnail-cache.html
  5. I know CCleaner takes care of XP thumbs.dat files, but does it address at all the Vista/Windows 7 centralized thumbnails cache? If not, why not? And is such an improvement planned? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for adding this command line option. I still prefer sdelete.exe or Eraser but it's nice to see a third option. I assume the /delete option does not wipe slack space or MFT markers, right?
  7. Yes, that will work. I use Eraser myself. Thanks for getting back.
  8. Thank you to the developers.
  9. Cute. That definitely bypasses the Windows Recycling Bin, but does little to "wipe" the data off the platter. ;-)
  10. Cute. That definitely bypasses the Windows Recycling Bin, but does little to "wipe" the data off the platter. ;-)
  11. BTW, thank you for all the fine apps.
  12. Augeas, what do you use, if you don't use the Recycling Bin? What app.?
  13. Rather than adding folders/files using the Windows Explorer pick-and-choose method currently in CCleaner, I would like to manually add in specific files and folders by directly cutting and pasting their URLs into CCleaner. Surely this option is possible. While not a bug, it would be a welcome addition. Thank you.
  14. Damn... this is a *bad* bug. And I *did* pay for the program. I sent in $20.
  15. Recuva, BTW, is a very nice clean app. Just like CCleaner!
  16. God I'm so glad I stuck with XP Pro.
  17. Restoration (http://www.snapfiles.com/get/restoration.html) will permanently delete vacant clusters -- including those reported with 0 file sizes. However it works should be how Recuva strives to perform. ;-) Go, developers, go!
  18. The best way to thank the developers is to pay $20 US via PayPal. I did this earlier in the month. CCleaner is simply that good.
  19. Ah so! Confucious say "thank you."
  20. So where do I download 2.1, if not from this site or File Hippo? I'm impatient, yes.
  21. Thanks a lot! Great news! I donated my $20 about 2 weeks ago so I expect first dibs. ;-)
  22. It does the same on all my machines. Whether "normal" or not, I cannot say. I got rid of that old floppy on my box at home when I built it last yr. I cried a little then got over the security risk it posed. ;-)
  23. JRd1st, I did an experiment on a 135MB PowerPoint. I deleted it directly to the Recycle Bin in Windows XP SP2, then had CCleaner v1.45.544 seven-pass wipe the Recycle Bin. The file is in fact gone if Recuva v1.04.104 is reporting correctly. Not only is the file's data gone, but the file itself has been renamed to SSSSSSS.SSS in the MFT, which is a nice touch as well. I was amazed that Recuva could find so many files on my C: Drive, but it appears they are all invalid. I tried opening up a number of them. I use a variety of programs to clean my drive so it's hard to say which one might be d
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