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  1. This ini is not working for me :-( My ChromePlus install is located at C:\Users\sniskach\AppData\Roaming\ChromePlus\chrome.exe DO I need to modify the ini to get it to work?
  2. After running CCLeaner, my Google Toolbar History is not erasing :-( Any suggestions? Google Toolbar 6.1.200911119W Firefox 3.5.5 CCLeaner 2.26.1050 Applications - Internet - Google Toolbar Firefox Enabled Applications - Firefox - Internet History Enabled Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  3. Would like to see a DNS flush added to CCleaner. Currently this is not included so following a Cleaning, the DNS still includes many of the sites visited.
  4. And here is a similar news report: http://www.pcworld.com/article/171101/dhs_...ed_to_know.html Sadly, this is very real and an issue for anyone entering the USA citizen or visitor. In recent years, Americans have given up a lot of rights int eh name of security.....
  5. The Unites States Department of Homeland Security says they have the legal right to cease laptops at border crossings (for example when you return from an international trip). They also claim to have the right to copy your hard drive and inspect everything. PCWorld just ran an online article where they report 1,000 laptops were searched in the past 10 months. Prior to returning to the USA I always run CCleaner. But then I got to thinking ? if I was chosen for the in-depth scan, would a clean set of browsing history be a big red flag? I mean, the absences of any history would in itself be odd. So I got to thinking - it would be cool to have a way to repopulate browsing history with a preselected set of websites to give the illusion of a non scrubbed system. Any thoughts?
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