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  1. Augeas, Thanks for your response and suggestion. I can easily write a C program that will create a number of small files using a simple itterating name to overwrite the file names. I was just hoping that there was another way. In the future I will be more careful. Thanks, -jim
  2. I'm not really sure what I did to elicit such a reaction to my post. I am not and have never been a war criminal nor did I ever inhale. I have several laptop computers and alternate usage of them and copied some files onto one of the computers that I shouldn't have copied. It's really that simple. I am a contributing supporter of Piriform and really like the software products that they create. I am simply looking for a solution to my problem. Peace, -jim
  3. I am new to Recuva and am running version 1.2. After performing a scan of my drive c, I notice that a number of filenames of deleted files that I really don't want displayed during the Recuva Scan. I am a software development consultant that sometimes works for multiple companies in the same industry. (please no lectures about conflicts of interest) I made the mistake of storing some files on a company computer and now I want to get rid of any trace of those files. How can I cause the filenames of the deleted files that are displayed by Revuva to be renamed to a garbage name like xxx.xxx or aaa.aaa? I need to get rid of all traces of these files. I have esased the files with Recuva but it didn't rename them. If Recuva won't rename these files, is there another product that will perform the rename? Also, in the future, if I place several thousand files on my computer and then drag the folder conatining them to the recycle bin and then run CCleaner with the one-time over-write option enabled, will the files be renamed so that if I run Recuva there will be no trace of them? In other words, when I run Recuva, I don't want to see any recognizable file names of the files that I deleted with CCleaner. Thanks, -jim
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