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Know Issues With Pdas?


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Hi folks!!! So I really LOVE CCleaner. I use it every day when I'm out doing desktop field support. I love when I get to a PC that is sooooo slow and I run CCleaner and it frees up 300MB (or more) and fixes 500+ registry issues. The user can't believe I was able to get it running so well.


So my first question will be about any known issues regarding PDAs and the Sync software installed, (almost always Hot Sync).


I'm curious because I once worked on a users PC that had a PDA, not plugged in at the time, and I ran CCleaner like I always do. I go a call the next day. The user was furious because the PC side of here PDA data was gone. It doesn't make sense to me that CCleaner would do this, but I couldn't figure out would might have caused this. (I truly think she screwed it up, but she knew I was on her PC the day before, so she blamed me.) So has anyone ever had a similar issue??


Any other known issues?? I'm writting up a proposal that would give all our end-users access to CCleaner, this way keeping their PCs crap free, and not calling us out to run it every couple monthes for each user.


Thanks Folks!!

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I don't really know what would cause Hot Sync not to work. I use to have a PDA a few years ago and I don't see what CCleaner would have to do with it.


Don't forget about the CCleaner Beginner's Guide (link in sig).

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Quick Links: CCleaner Products | CCleaner Documentation | Knowledge Center | Downloads | Lost License Key

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