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Emule Cleaning


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In the latest version the eMule cleaning removes known.met. I really don't think its an "unused or temporary" file and means that eMule has to rehash every shared file again. What do you think?




I don't have that problem.Where do you have emule installed? I use the short version without all the languages,etc. in one folder in drive E.That would probably work in any drive.

If it isn't broke, tweak it.

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I have the same problem with the regular eMule 0.45b


I solved the problem by editing the winapp.ini to:






So I removed the deletion of known.met (regular hash) & known2.met (AICH hash, if I'm not mistaken)

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As far as I can tell known2.met keeps track of every file you download, which is how eMule highlights them in the search results. If only known2.met is removed and not known.met, then does it still rehash every file?





Removed known2.met --> Calculating AICH Hash for .... (every file in my share)


So known2.met is used to store AICH hash :):P

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Hmm... weird, I'm using eMule Plus and don't have a known2.met but anyway, not that important. Maybe it's because I don't have any downloads right now...


For Jimbo51:

Cleaning out downloaded files using CCleaner is a good solution. No question about that. I've added it to startup though, to remove the file on every boot, but notice that I don't use eMule much so I don't care about files needed to be hashed.


If any interest I've put a .cmd file in a custom folder and added a shortcut to it. To avoid that window to show on boot I've rightclicked the shortcut and chosed Run: Minimized (then it will only show on the taskbar for a sec or two).


.CMD content:





- As you can see I use it for 2 other appz as well. It's my log of renamed files (mostly mp3s) and my latest playlist in winamp (because I got the files on an encrypted partition).


Anyway, that's all for now...

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