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Hi all,


I'm working on the next release and need a few people to test a pre-release version.


Requirements for testers are:

- IT professional with previous testing experience.

- Technical knowledge of IE, Firefox and Opera.

- You'll need access to several different OSs.

- Also I'm looking for very reliable types, so you won't post the test version all over the web! ;)


PM me with your experience and list of OSs if you're interested.





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I also only have windows xp, but i could test it on that. I do have IE/Firefox though.




I'm sure a majority of people will have a Windows XP system in this day and age.


I've got access to my old Windows ME machine that has GoBack, where if something messes it up I can just "go back" to a time where it worked fine. Also have beta tested many applications, even RC versions. Visual Basic computer programming experience too.

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