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Recuva recovers the file without the file extension


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With deep scan I recovered these 2 archives (picture 0):



I know they are the "correct archives" I want to recover because when I open them with Notepad, it shows the directory where they were before deletion (pictures 1 and 2):


I want the audios, pictures, and videos I had in those two folders before deleting said folders.


The 2 archives are very light and don't show file extension in Properties (pictures 3 and 4)




As you can see, they are not heavy enough to contain the audios, pictures, and videos. I don't know how to open them or what I can do with them.

Thank you very much!


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You cannot recover data from these files. They are Index files created when a file or folder is sent to the recycler. When a file is sent to the recycler it is renamed to $R followed by a set of random characters, followed by the original file extension, e.g. $Rhdxenv.doc. A matching file is created as $I followed by the same random characters and extension as the $R file. This file contains the original filename/path and file size, and the date and time that the file was moved to the Recycle Bin. When a folder is sent to the recycler it is renamed (as one $I file or two $ files?) in the same pattern as a file but without the extension.

These $I files look like they belong to a folder, and folders do not contain any user data. I think - and I'm not sure - that files sent to the recycler when a folder is deleted retain their original names, and only the folder is renamed to $I (and $R?).

I don't think a deep scan would find these files, as they don't have a known file signature in the header (I may be wrong, I haven't tried it). However they are found with a normal scan, and a deep scan runs a normal scan first.

I would look for files under their original names, which you probably have done so already, or files with names starting with $R, not $I.

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